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Byte-Size Wellness Academy is a self-guided, video-delivered program that helps busy people prioritize health so they feel and perform their best every day - at work, meetings and home. Participants will be equipped with all the tools they need to take charge of their mental and physical health and make self-care a lifelong habit.

All content is delivered through micro-learning:  short (5-minute) video lessons and actionable resources. For use as a pre and/or post-conference workshop or for inside the Virtual Wellness Lounge.

Available for CMP and SHRM continuing education credits.


BSWA takes participants on a transformative journey from feeling stuck from pandemic stress and overwhelm to revitalized and resilient in 6 steps.


Video Micro-Lessons

25+ short buildable video lessons (2.5-10 minutes per video lesson) featuring the foundations of self-care and a deep dive into healthy habits: EAT. SLEEP. MOVE. BREATHE.  

Downloadable Resources

Evidence-based resources and information support along your wellness journey:  reference guides, worksheets, checklists, FAQ & myth buster sheets, planning sheets, wellness vision statements & more! 

Video Micro-Breaks 

30 short, sweat-free 5-minute stretch, deskercise, office yoga and mindfulness video micro-breaks to do at desks or workstations. Videos can also be used as energy boosters at work meetings, training sessions and conferences.    

Healthy Lifestyle Tip Sheets

12 digital Tip Sheets on Healthy Eating, Office and Travel Exercises.

Certificates of Completion

7 beautifully designed certificates issued upon mastery of core concepts and course completion.


REVIVE: Private Online Wellness Community

Monthly masterclass, resource and challenge; mindset and group coaching, live Q & A, moderated discussion forum, and guest experts (registered dietitians, sleep scientists, mindfulness, tai chi, etc.)

Tele-Worker Fitness

Ongoing out-of-the-box ways to stay healthy and fit during COVID-19 and beyond.

Why Byte-Size Wellness with Dr. Kim?

I'm a health behavior scientist (Ph.D. from the University of Toronto where I was an adjunct professor), former National Cancer Institute of Canada postdoctoral fellow) and a knowledge translation expert. 

My Byte-Size Wellness approach is the culmination of my 30-year research - academic career in exercise and health promotion, disease management, addictions and tobacco control. I worked at renowned teaching hospitals, published in peer-reviewed journals (google me!), consulted to pharmaceutical companies and health organizations, and taught chronic disease exercise classes.

When washing your hands frequently, know that you're in good hands. I understand what influences health behaviors and habits and what motivates people to change. I know what combination of evidence-based strategies and approaches are needed to help people develop lifelong healthy habits. It starts with shifting from an "all-or-nothing" mindset to a micro-step, micro-habit mindset and embracing wellness as a journey, a lifestyle, not a destination. 

It's the small behaviors, the small changes in routines, when repeated consistently lead to healthy habits that have long-lasting results: More energy. Less stress. Improved self-esteem. More productive at work. Better work-life balance. Resilience. Agility. Vitality.

Tweaking one habit has a ripple effect, triggering positives changes in other inter-related health areas: diet, sleep, exercise, mindfulness and mental health. The benefits of byte-size wellness are cumulative - all steps, all bytes add up to a full meal!

I can't wait to hold your virtual hand and guide you along your road to wellness and becoming your own wellness coach!


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