Practice & prioritize self-care

Manage & balance energy - not time

Kick-start healthy habits to boost immunity & vitality 



Discover how to put yourself and your health first in order to create a more resilient and revitalized life. This 6-step program cuts through the information clutter and saves you time and energy. Everything you need to know and ask is conveniently located in one place and delivered to your desktop or mobile device in short, digestible bytes.


360 virtual wellness from awake time to bedtime, Byte-Size Wellness Academy (BSWA) is equipped with actionable resources and tools to help participants take charge of their mental and physical health and make self-care a lifelong habit.

BSWA cuts through the information clutter and makes it EASY to fit wellness into busy workdays and every life – one micro-step at a time. 

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey from feeling stuck from stress and overwhelm to revitalized and resilient in 6 steps. Navigate life after lockdown with self-care, resilience and ease!



Mind-body break video library and mini courses with short buildable video lessons (5-minutes per lesson). The courses feature the foundations of SELF-CARE, SELF-CARE SELF-COACHING, the fundamentals of FOOD & HEALTHY EATING, and a 7-day SLEEP HYGIENE challenge.

The "Eat, Sleep, Move, Breathe" total health approach to self-care will prime participants be in the best frame of mind & body to fully enjoy life - energized, focused and engaged!


Evidence-based resources and information support to help participants prioritize self-care so they can feel and perform their best - at work, meetings and in their everyday life. Included: worksheets, reference guides, FAQ & myth buster sheets, planning sheets, wellness vision statements & more!

Created for use in the real-world. At work and in busy everyday life. Byte-size guaranteed.


8 beautifully designed certificates issued upon mastery of core concepts and mini-course completion.

Available for SHRM continuing education credits (up to 11 clock hours).


Enjoy a library of curated video micro-breaks that fit into busy workdays with little time and effort, no sweat, and no guilt taking restorative breaks. Perfect mid-morning and mid-afternoon energy boosters.  

STRETCH BREAKS loosen stiff muscles and get the blood flowing to the muscles and oxygen to the brain. Perfect relief from sitting, work or learning fatigue. 

MINDFULNESS BREAKS help calm the mind, reset, refocus and revitalize while admiring nature and beautiful scenery.

OFFICE YOGA BREAKS classic yoga poses - adapted for business or casual attire - provide a needed posture check and mind-body break.

BED-TIME YOGA PRACTICE includes yoga poses to wake up the body and mind to kick-start the day, and wind-down stretches to relax and promote stillness before bedtime.

DESKERCISES for upper and lower body, face, hands and arms. Break away from your computer and squeeze in a few sweat-free chair abs, stretch and strengthening exercises.

SOCIAL ICEBREAKERS build camaraderie, laugh and have fun. Suited for in-person breakouts and Zoom breakout rooms.

COMMERCIALS about conference "sitting syndrome." These 30-60 second animations provide the perfect sponsorship opportunity and reminder for attendees to get up, stretch and take micro-breaks between breakouts and throughout the conference day.  



Library of digital tip sheets about healthy eating, desk exercises and travel fitness. Perfect way to stay balanced at work or while traveling.


Curated resources to help participants make healthy choices and practice self-care to boost immunity and vitality - at work and home.


Daily gameboard style roadmaps to help participants navigate through the online portal and create their own wellness experience using the video breaks, video lessons and resources from Byte-Size Wellness Academy. 


Custom branded VIP Access Pass that includes login credentials and a clickable hyperlink that takes participants directly to the auto-populated login page for quick & easy access.


Receive a wellness swag bag welcome gift that includes items (self-care tip sheets, resistance band, smart phone holder, jump rope and carry bag) to help you stay healthy, engaged and energized. (While quantities last).


Click the button below to grad your info sheet that lists everything that's included in BYTE-SIZE WELLNESS ACADEMY.




I'm a health behavior scientist (Ph.D. from the University of Toronto where I was an adjunct professor and former National Cancer Institute of Canada postdoctoral fellow), knowledge translation expert and wellness/life coach. 

My Byte-Size Wellness approach is the culmination of my 30-year research - academic career in exercise and health promotion, disease management, addictions and tobacco control. I worked at renowned teaching hospitals, published in peer-reviewed journals, consulted to pharmaceutical companies and health organizations, and taught chronic disease exercise classes.

When washing your hands frequently, know that you're in good hands. I understand what influences health behaviors and habits and what motivates people to change. I know what combination of evidence-based strategies and approaches are needed to help people develop lifelong healthy habits. It starts with shifting from an "all-or-nothing" mindset to a micro-step, micro-habit mindset and embracing wellness as a journey, a lifestyle, not a destination. 

It's the small behaviors, the small changes in routines, when repeated consistently lead to healthy habits that have long-lasting results: More energy. Less stress. Improved self-esteem. More productive at work. Better work-life balance. Resilience. Agility. Vitality.

Tweaking one habit has a ripple effect, triggering positives changes in other inter-related health areas: diet, sleep, exercise, mindfulness and mental health. The benefits of byte-size wellness are cumulative - all steps, all bytes add up to a full meal!

I can't wait to hold your virtual hand and guide you along your road to wellness and becoming your own wellness coach!


"Dr. Kim’s virtual wellness lounge was such a surprising and needed element for a virtual live event I recently attended! All of the stretches and exercises she demonstrated were easy to follow and exactly what my body needed after sitting for long hours during the event. Even my kids joined in on the exercises after they’d been sitting all day for virtual school! I highly recommend this virtual wellness lounge for any event to give the attendees a well-rounded experience for their minds and bodies. "

Chrissie Kenaston
Conference attendee

"Our President’s Initiative is Health and Wellness for correctional officers, so it was important for us to deliver an engaging experience in our Wellness Lounge for attendees of our virtual conference. Dr. Kim’s Byte Size Wellness Academy enabled us to provide a wealth of practical and engaging activities for our attendees with no effort on our part. Hundreds of attendees took advantage of these resources which made it a great value too!"

Chris Daniels, MPA, CAE
Executive Director, American Jail Association

"We used the Virtual Wellness Lounge for two of our virtual conferences. Attendees were able to access the lounge through our platform and it was very easy to integrate into our system. While we have faced many challenges in the virtual world, the “silver lining” is that by providing more free time between sessions, our attendees were able to take advantage of the brief (byte-sized!) content the Virtual Wellness Lounge offered. We had a high number of people who logged in, and it was very rewarding to see that our attendees were able to stay engaged and energized during the conference by taking advantage of the videos in the Wellness Lounge."

Sara Stehle, CMP, DES
Senior Manager of Meetings, Society of American Military Engineers

"We conduct a lot of experiments at our PYM LIVE Events for meeting and event planners nationwide and by far the most successful one was the inclusion of Exercise (x bytes) Bytes Fitness Breaks. We used them to create a physical and mental refreshment break. By inserting them into the half-way point of the most business-oriented segment of our event, we were able to get people up, moving and ready to tackle the second half. We also found that they were terrific for setting a different "tone" if we were transitioning from one section of the event to the next. They were a natural icebreaker and instantly made the events more fun. Plus, we were able to physically show the benefits of including wellness programming in an event schedule to the very people responsible for doing so. From an event organizer perspective, I loved that they weren't dependent on Internet access, that I had a variety of options from which to choose, that physical limitations were accommodated and that Kim and her team were so easy to work with. I'd highly recommend this product to other meeting/event planners and even HR professionals in charge of employee wellness programs."

Kristi Casey Sanders, CMM, CMP

"I had the privilege of booking X bytes for their first meetings industry conference, The Society of Government Meeting Professionals 31st Annual National Education Conference. We showcased the X byte exercise videos prior to the start of our education sessions and it was awesome! These videos kept our attendees alert, excited and eager to learn! The audience absolutely loved them! The X bytes team is passionate, organized and a pleasure to work with. I can’t wait to use them again at future events! "

Krystal (Stotz) B.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think the XBytes fitness breaks would be as well received as they were at our conference. My goal was to try something new and see how it went. Our conservative scientific conference attendees normally sit quietly, awaiting the start of a session. When we incorporated fitness breaks into the beginning of each session, I was amazed at how many people stood up and participated, laughed out loud, interacted enthusiastically and generally, had fun. XBytes breaks provided a great icebreaker and bonded audience members. They were also friendly conversation starters during conference networking functions as people joked about how much fun they had. Overall, we plan to use XBytes fitness breaks again at future conferences. The XBytes team is very enthusiastic and accommodating. We believe they are really breaking the mold with these fitness breaks"

Beth Miller-Tipton, CMP, CGMP

"Kim has created a successful service that enhances health and wellness and gets people up and moving in fun and interactive way. I recently used X-Bytes at a conference for a fitness break, and everyone was smiling and enjoying the experience. X bytes definitely provided a well-needed energy boost for everyone. Now that I've seen X-bytes in action, if the opportunity arises, I would definitely recommend it to other groups. Thanks was great working with you. "

Ingrid Norrish, CanSPEP

"I hired X-Bytes in order to deliver the exercise video, branded with our company name, during a medical congress. It was a unique way of engaging our clients and differentiated us from our competition as our brand stood out in an unusual way. The videos were well received and positioned to our medical clients, as a way of enhancing their learning experience during the conference. Also in order to get a better uptake, we ensured the presenter, president and in-coming president positioned the videos well as well as performed them on-stage. Because of the uniqueness of this offering, many of our clients approached us afterwards to inform us they had thoroughly enjoyed this value-add. Working with the X-Bytes team, and Kim in particular, was a breeze. We got the product delivered on time, with the changes we requested, in a friendly and timely fashion."

Sophie Belanger, Abbvie

"X bytes was the perfect way to engage our hospitality professionals during our events. After sitting in a chair for an extended period of time, they were able to stretch and work the muscles without breaking a sweat or having to change their clothing. It was an opportunity for them to let loose a little bit and refresh before diving back into the education that we provided. Dr. Kim was great to work with as well, very professional and explained all of the videos in detail to ensure we were set for success."

Angie Naniot Ahrens, CMP

"We incorporated a fitness and wellness area on the IBTM America show floor this past June. The wellness area was strategically placed at the hub of our show, where buyers and exhibitors could connect, engage in conversation and have informal networking. The area was extremely well-received by our attendees. It gave them an opportunity to relax, stretch and learn how to stay fit while traveling and having a busy show schedule. It created additional touch-points for exhibitors to meet buyers, build relationships, connect with peers and of course have some fun! Dr. Kim had a fantastic program which truly engaged our exhibitors and attendees."

Teressa Diaz-Hennessey
Former Marketing Manager, IBTM America

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