As the meetings industry looks ahead to rebuild and recover, the focus has extended beyond physical safety, pandemic proofing, and tech solutions to the human element – the human operating system – with attendee engagement and well-being at the epicenter.

If you're looking to:

  • Revitalize your virtual and in-person meetings,
  • Provide healthy meeting experiences that get attendees out of their chairs and moving, and
  • Build better work-life balance and reduce event fatigue, 

Then Dr. Kim is your attendee engagement and well-being speaker!


Crowd-approved use as a coffee-break, lunch-time break, mid-morning and mid-afternoon energy booster, breakout or keynote. Guaranteed to get audiences out of their seats and moving with yoga, desk exercises and office abs and back at their seats ready to learn, following a mindfulness practice. (Click the video below to see Dr. Kim live; these experiences can also be recreated virtually, in the comfort of your own home)



20-minute and 30-minute LIVE and PRE-RECORDED breaks about BALANCE: to help participants stay energized, focused and engaged during the virtual event. Dr. Kim's incorporates her signature "Eat, Sleep, Move, Breathe" method into the guided mind-body break. Participants will stretch & flex with yoga, desk and out-of-the-box exercises using items that are readily accessible from home (toilet paper rolls, towels, Clorox laundry soap and water bottles, etc.). Prime Your Day for Peak Performance Kit included.

Recommended use: 20-minute coffee break and 30-minute lunch break.


The old saying "Your day starts the night before" also applies to events. Help your attendees prepare their minds and bodies so they bring their best self into the event and have their best conference experience when they arrive, whether virtually or in-person. A 4-minute "get ready" video is available for meeting planners to send out to their audiences in advance of the event.


Join Dr. Kim in a live breakout, keynote or workshop (eligible for SHRM continuing education credits) as she walks participants  through how to put themselves and their health first in order to create a more resilient and revitalized life. Equipped with actionable tips, participants will leave the session feeling inspired to get "unstuck" and started on their journey to high-level wellness. 

A SELF-CARE SURVIVAL GUIDE is included as a takeaway gift.


Meet Dr. Kim, your Wellness Warrior!

I'm a health behavior scientist, professional speaker and certified yoga instructor. I integrate mind-body breaks into my talks and use virtual meetings as the perfect "teachable moment" to show attendees how to stay balanced and focused. I'm on a mission to infuse ENERGY into virtual events and turn attendees from Zoom Zombies to invigorated Meeting Mavens!

My Byte-Size Wellness approach is the culmination of my 25-year research - academic career in exercise and health promotion, disease management, aging, addictions and tobacco control. I have a Ph.D. in Community Health from the University of Toronto where I was an adjunct  professor and I was a former National Cancer Institute of Canada postdoctoral fellow. I worked at renowned teaching hospitals, published in peer-reviewed journals (google me!), consulted to pharmaceutical companies and health organizations, and taught chronic disease exercise classes.

Outside of academia, Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach, a 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited yoga instructor, American College of Sports Medicine accredited pole walking instructor, BoneFit trained (Osteoporosis Canada), and trained in diabetes and older adult exercise, wellness coaching, and mindfulness-based stress reduction.

When washing your hands frequently, know that you're in good hands. I understand what influences health behaviors and habits and what motivates busy people to practice self-care. I know what combination of evidence-based strategies and approaches are needed to help people develop lifelong healthy habits. It starts with shifting from an "all-or-nothing" mindset to a micro-break, micro-habit mindset

It's the small behaviors (taking mind-body breaks), the small changes in routines (eating healthy, practicing good sleep hygiene and mindfulness) that keep participants engaged, alert and energized during their back-to-back virtual meetings.  

Self-care is the greatest gift attendees can give themselves. And my gifts to virtual audiences are my takeways: actionable tips and EAT, SLEEP, MOVE, BREATHE resources to help attendees sustain the wellness momentum post-conference. Participants will leave my breaks and talks with self-care practices that they can easily implement into their tele-working days and everyday lives.

The result: Improved health and immunity. Better work-life balance. Resilience. Agility. Vitality.

What is your goal for your upcoming meeting?

  • To burn out attendees with too much information and back-to-back breakouts?


  • To engage attendees with healthy meeting experiences that energize, inspire and transform audiences so that they're still talking about the event well after it's over? 


 "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."  -- Maya Angelou


Create an engaging meeting experience with less information, less tech overwhelm, more teachable moments, and more memorable experiences. 


"It is my sincerest pleasure to offer a review of Dr. Kim Bercovitz who delivered a wellness presentation for Walden University’s Summer 2021 National Faculty Meeting. Because of the Covid pandemic, we like most companies held our meetings virtually. That did not stop Dr. Kim from offering her wellness magic in the virtual environment. As she walked us through a series of wellness exercises, I was amazed at how impactful she was even virtually. Her high energy, pleasant voice, and style of delivery worked like magic and by the end of our session with her, I felt much better. I also reached out to Dr. Kim after the session for help with I project and she was more than generous with her time and sharing her expertise. One of the things that makes her so very special is her presence which is spiritually uplifting for the soul, mindful, and filled with passion, kindness and compassion for those with whom she works. With her background as a health behavior scientist, she has the unique ability to support her wellness coaching work with scholarship and deep expertise. If you are looking for a wellness expert to help you individually or organizationally, I encourage you to reach out to Dr. Kim. She is a fountain of information, holds deep expertise and skill, has a wonderful sense of humor, and even has an entire lounge filled with excellent resource materials that she makes available to her clients. Thanks, Dr. Kim!"

Dr. Pettis Perry, EdD, MNA
Walden University, Core Faculty, College of Management and Technology

"Dr. Kim’s MPI Global webinar was fantastic - an engaging and informative way to spend my Friday afternoon. I learned quick and easy ways to integrate self-care and movement into my daily routines, starting with chair abs and “nappuccino” power sleep naps."

Evan Nielson, CMP
Event Planner | Event Strategy & Services | AARP

"We recently booked Kim for a wellness webinar for a health educator association. Her delivery style is very engaging and fun. She is very interactive while delivering very solid, practical and actionable evidenced-based content. Our client was very happy and looking into doing more with Kim. "

Sarah Michel, CSP
VP Professional Connexity, Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

"If this presentation was a car, it would easily be a BMW 8-Series of M6 convertible! Amazing use of the car metaphor, chat engagement and interactivity, not to mention enthusiasm!"

Danielle Kayal
HR Consultant

"For our 3-day Inclusion Virtual Event, Dr. Kim created a program for our Wellness Break which was attended by over 550 participants. During these breaks, Dr. Kim guided attendees through stretches and mindfulness activities to reconnect and recharge. By adding in a Wellness Break after a few educational sessions, it allowed attendees to get active but were also re-engaged for the rest of the conference. A win-win for everyone! Dr. Kim went above and beyond to give resources to attendees during and post-event, all awhile chatting with attendees live during her session. From a personal level, working with Dr. Kim was an extreme pleasure, as she was dedicated to giving SHRM the best product. Her passion and commitment showed in her work and we look forward with working with her at future SHRM Events."

Jackie Gronske
Exhibition Coordinator, SHRM

"I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Kim in November 2020 where she developed and presented a Wellness event for our NYC SHRM audience of HR leaders. This event, "Coach Yourself to Better Health, COVID 19 and Beyond" was nothing short of amazing! Topics featured were self-care in challenging times, and moving away from the 'all or nothing mindset' toward making small changes that result in cumulative lifestyle changes that equate to sustained health and wellness in personal, work and leadership roles. Dr. Kim's hour long virtual presentation was seamless, interactive, engaging and relevant. Dr. Kim generously shared her Covid-19 Self Care Survival Kit as a takeaway for all participants. "

Joan Ceinski, MLER, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Employee Relations, Corporate Human Resources, FirstEnergy

"Dr. Kim led an excellent workshop on making online meetings more productive. Her tips on staying active at your desk and taking regular breaks really help to reduce the physical and mental strain of long meetings. She got the audience out of their seats and actively participating, which created a very different virtual meeting experience. What made the workshop even more useful were the many handouts and links to exercises that she generously provided. Dr. Kim leads fun, interactive workshops packed full of actionable advice. Highly recommended!"

Karen Dunn Skinner, LL.B./B.C.L., Law
Co-Founder and CEO, Gimbal-Lean Practice Management Advisors

"Dr. Kim commanded the room and effortlessly motivated everyone to participate. Her activities broke the ice with my neighbors and led to relationships well beyond the event."

Christine Frye
Attendee, Global Meetings Industry Day

"Dr. Kim's knowledge and expertise in wellness and conference wellness is terrific. She is high-energy and engaging and was able to customize her programming options to fit our schedule. Her sessions are always a big draw and traffic driver." Kelly Peacy, CAE, CMP Former Senior VP, Education & Events, PCMA Founder & CEO, Insight Event Strategy LLC"

Kelly Peacy, CAE, CMP

"We heard so many complements about what a "cool program" we had today. Dr. Kim is not only high energy and an excellent speaker but her visuals and the audience interaction were spot on."

Petra Compel
Director of Meetings, NACE Baltimore Chapter

"Kim provided an introduction to participants at the Palliative Conference I attended in April 2014 in Toronto. It was an intro to taking a break from your desk and to let us all know that sitting is the new smoking. Would love to have Dr.Kim (X-bytes) at our next symposium."

JoAnne Prokopchuk
Clinical Care Partner, Sienna Senior Living

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