3 Ways to Engage to Boost Attendee Engagement

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2021

One of the biggest mistakes that meeting planners make is to take the same agenda from a live event and plop it into a virtual platform.

We all want to keep attendees in their seats absorbing every morsel of content. But I’m going to drop some truth bombs with you:

  • While planners are so razor-focused on tech, scheduling and session content, attendee enjoyment and engagement has fallen off your radar.
  • Instead of “sold out” events, we’re ending up with zoned out audiences.
  • Audience’s eyes are glazing over, they are turning off their cameras and dropping like flies – out of events.

That’s the bad news. But there’s also some good news.

You can create successful virtual and hybrid events.

…. And it has NOTHING to do with tech stuff.

Grab this Starter Guide to help you plan your events differently in 2021, starting with attendee engagement.

Successful meeting planners ….

  • Put themselves in their attendees’ shoes and think about the attendee experience at the virtual event.
  • Build event experience from the ground up.
  • Create experiences and opportunities for attendees to stay engaged, focused and energized throughout the entire event.

My freebie will show you how to focus your attention on the PERSON attending your virtual meeting, not the technology they’re staring at!

Let’s do this!

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