From double vision to seeing things clearly: What I learned in the MRI machine

breathe mindfulness Feb 23, 2022

Two weeks ago, I had a brain MRI to figure out why I was experiencing double vision when I drive or watch TV.

While looking for a good vein to start the IV contrast, the technician asked if I have ever experienced trauma.

I knew she was referring to physical trauma – such as a concussion or other head injury – but the word trauma triggered me for other reasons. I immediately thought of the emotional trauma I had endured during my marriage, events that led to its breakdown. Her routine question brought forth a powerful emotional reaction. I started to cry.

My emotional response then triggered a physical reaction: My vein shut down. The technician could not insert the IV and she was concerned I would not be able to do the MRI because I needed to lie still with my eyes closed.

I summoned the tools that I often share with clients: I practiced the deep breathing that I teach in my and in my . I calmed myself down so that I could...

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My beloved Benji is gone and my heart is broken

breathe Feb 17, 2022

The late, great Betty White once said: “Once someone has had the good fortune to share a true love affair with a Golden Retriever, one’s life and one’s outlook is never quite the same.”

When you lose a pet, part of you dies, too. Today, a part of me is gone because my beloved Benji is gone.

Many of you have been following this journey with me since . For a while there, I thought Benji was doing a Benjamin Buttons impression: He was behaving like his old puppy self, and it was hard to believe his last days with us were sneaking up on him.

The initial stress of Benji’s impending death was so excruciating for me that I could barely breathe.

Singing seemed to help us both through this difficult time. So I often sang the Hebrew song , which means ‘wings of spirit’. The lyrics remind us of our inner strength, and I loved the image of Benji’s wings of spirit: As his body was failing him, his spirit...

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They say endings bring new beginnings, but I never planned for this one

breathe self-care Jan 28, 2022

There’s a saying: When the dog dies and the kids leave home, that’s when life begins.

I never imagined that, but for me, it’s going something like this: When the dog is ready to die, the kids and the husband leave home, I have no clue how my life is supposed to be beginning.

I’m a wellness warrior, a self-care expert about to launch a in 2022 so I can help people live a more abundant life full of meaning, purpose and joy.

And yet, I’m embarrassed to admit that I am … just stuck.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m doing everything ‘right’: I practice yoga and dance several times a week. I sing in a virtual choir. I meditate and power-walk daily. I get regular acupuncture, Reiki and therapy.

But if I’m being raw, authentic and honest with myself – and with you – the cold weather, COVID culture and way too much personal crap, I’m just feeling like everyone else these days. I’m...

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What you hear can change how you feel

breathe self-care Nov 10, 2021

Last weekend, I attended my first Sound Meditation workshop at my local yoga studio.

For 90 minutes, we lay on our backs with a bolster under our knees, listening to a range of sounds originating from Himalayan and crystal bowls, gongs, rain sticks and chimes.

This workshop took the “woo” out of “woo woo”, and I was incredibly moved by this participatory experience. Here, in a place of stillness, one becomes open and aware of the surrounding sounds while feeling energy and vibrations moving through the meridians of our bodies.

Sound is a powerful tool for healing sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD or pain.

It induces relaxation while releasing mental blocks, stagnations and emotions. It’s a helpful tool to access the body’s energy centers.

Most importantly, sound meditation is all about being present and whole, allowing yourself to feel the vibrations through your body, along with a range of emotions and experiences.


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When will your busyness stop?

breathe Aug 28, 2019

With the holiday weekend and end of summer approaching, back to school or college, back to work, endless "to do" lists ....

I'm feeling exhausted thinking about all this. Here's something to think about and act upon:

Now how powerful is that? Hit reply to tell me how you stop your busyness.

Want to learn more about mindfulness? Click here to read my article. 

Mindfully yours,

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I cannot wait to tell you more! Here's a link to my virtual calendar. Let's have a Zoom...

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