What you hear can change how you feel

breathe self-care Nov 10, 2021

Last weekend, I attended my first Sound Meditation workshop at my local yoga studio.

For 90 minutes, we lay on our backs with a bolster under our knees, listening to a range of sounds originating from Himalayan and crystal bowls, gongs, rain sticks and chimes.

This workshop took the “woo” out of “woo woo”, and I was incredibly moved by this participatory experience. Here, in a place of stillness, one becomes open and aware of the surrounding sounds while feeling energy and vibrations moving through the meridians of our bodies.

Sound is a powerful tool for healing sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD or pain.

It induces relaxation while releasing mental blocks, stagnations and emotions. It’s a helpful tool to access the body’s energy centers.

Most importantly, sound meditation is all about being present and whole, allowing yourself to feel the vibrations through your body, along with a range of emotions and experiences.


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When will your busyness stop?

breathe Aug 28, 2019

With the holiday weekend and end of summer approaching, back to school or college, back to work, endless "to do" lists ....

I'm feeling exhausted thinking about all this. Here's something to think about and act upon:

Now how powerful is that? Hit reply to tell me how you stop your busyness.

Want to learn more about mindfulness? Click here to read my article. 

Mindfully yours,

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