Wonder Woman Revisited: What We Can All Learn from My Daughter’s Car Wreck

self-care Jan 04, 2022

As Carrie in Sex And The City would say, “And just like that… My world was turned upside down.”

You see, every parent’s worst nightmare is to receive “that call.” Unfortunately, in December I was the recipient of “that call” which came from my 22-year-old daughter Samantha who was on her way to work. She was crying while telling me that she was in a car accident which was just around the corner from our house. 

I raced over to the accident site – there were fire trucks and police cars everywhere. The entire street was blocked off, leaving a pile-up of cars and school buses en route to work, home, and school. 

Samantha’s car was turned upside down and totaled. I mean totaled. 

I found my daughter in the ambulance… Seated and talking with the paramedics.

No injuries. No pain. No bruises. Nothing. Surreal. Thank God for the seatbelt and airbag. A miracle. I feel that God was watching over...

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Getting in Tune (with myself)

self-care Dec 08, 2021

After a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with my two kids and close friends, I returned home feeling full, yet empty.

This was my first U.S. Thanksgiving since I became a U.S. citizen in December 2020, and my second family Thanksgiving without my husband.

Just as I was about to cry myself to sleep after narrowly avoiding an anxiety attack by deep breathing, I pulled out something unexpected from my Emotional Emergency Tool Kit:


That’s right, singing! Don’t get too excited – I’m no Adele. Historically, the only singing I did was in the shower.

But this time, I leaned into the inner artist I’ve been developing. As I’ve written about recently, I’ve created space in my life to explore my creative, expressive side through dance. I’m always drawn to a dance that represents exactly what I’m working on within myself and how I connect with others.

Recently, I’ve been most inspired by Julia Cameron’s...

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What you hear can change how you feel

breathe self-care Nov 10, 2021

Last weekend, I attended my first Sound Meditation workshop at my local yoga studio.

For 90 minutes, we lay on our backs with a bolster under our knees, listening to a range of sounds originating from Himalayan and crystal bowls, gongs, rain sticks and chimes.

This workshop took the “woo” out of “woo woo”, and I was incredibly moved by this participatory experience. Here, in a place of stillness, one becomes open and aware of the surrounding sounds while feeling energy and vibrations moving through the meridians of our bodies.

Sound is a powerful tool for healing sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD or pain.

It induces relaxation while releasing mental blocks, stagnations and emotions. It’s a helpful tool to access the body’s energy centers.

Most importantly, sound meditation is all about being present and whole, allowing yourself to feel the vibrations through your body, along with a range of emotions and experiences.


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Thoughts from a Tombstone: How do you want to live your life?

self-care Nov 03, 2021

Last week, I shared some thoughts about what I had learned after my father passed away. While in Vancouver recently visiting my father’s grave, I thought about how generous my dad was with his time, his presence, his undivided attention and his energy.

I got to thinking: Throughout this pandemic, our work and home lives have merged. We weren’t just working from home – we were working longer hours. Always on call to hop on a Zoom meeting. Many of us worked until we reached burnout. With no energy left to give ourselves or our loved ones.

But is this what’s supposed to give us meaning and purpose in our lives? I believe the pandemic has forced us to re-think how we want to spend our time and where we want to devote our energy.

As I looked around at the tombstones at the cemetery, I asked:

What if you could write one sentence you’d like to see on your tombstone that captures who you were?

I’m still thinking about what I would write.

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4 lessons I learned after my dad died... 4 years ago

self-care Oct 28, 2021

I was in Vancouver, British Columbia this past week and visited my father's gravesite on the 4th anniversary of his unexpected death. One is never prepared for a parent’s passing.

My dad survived two heart attacks: one at age 47 and the other at age 71, followed by triple bypass surgery. My dad had such a will to live that I often thought he was immortal.

I think my dad knew when it was his time. It was as if he planned his final day of rest - three weeks after his 84th birthday and three months after his dream vacation, a family cruise to Alaska.

My dad awoke, sat at the edge of the bed and then fell backwards and died beside my mom who was sleeping.

The cause of death? Intracranial bleed. My dad hit his head on his night table a few days before he died. He minimized the severity of his accident; however, his Google search history prior to his death indicated that he had been researching concussions.

Four years later .... Here are 4 lessons that I learned from my dad:


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Up in the air? How I pivoted from travel stress to a new virtual wellness business

self-care Oct 20, 2021

Hello from Vancouver, British Columbia!

This is my first Canadian visit to see my family since COVID – and my first time traveling in two years. Before the pandemic, I used to visit my mom, who has dementia and lives in a nursing home, every five months.

This trip was not easy for my mental health. I’ve written about how the pandemic served as an accelerator for many things, including relationships and stress. In this case, traveling – which meant leaving the comfort and safety of my home, my dog Benji, who is my Director of De-Stress, and my entire routine behind – exacerbated my anxiety big-time.

Planning for international travel meant coordinating a PCR COVID test within 72 hours of the second leg of the flight – four COVID tests in total for this week-long trip! – packing clothes for cold, damp, rainy weather, and a 15-hour travel day.

As a professional wellness speaker, I used to be a seasoned business traveler, not a stressed-out...

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It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month – and here’s what’s on my mind

self-care Oct 14, 2021

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and you just have to take a look at your news feed to see that toxic relationships are everywhere. The tragic details surrounding the Gabby Petito murder, the issues raised in the Netflix hit series MAID – based on Stephanie Land’s bestselling memoir – have received lots of media attention and viral shares, showing us that domestic violence does not discriminate.

Anyone can fall prey. And COVID put an added strain on marriages: Many couples in quarantine went one of two ways – either the crisis brought people together, or it tore them apart. In the last e-blast, we talked about the pandemic being a relationship accelerator.

Survivors of domestic violence and advocates that support them know all about the patterns of abuse. Unhealthy relationships leading to abuse can happen at work and at home. And believe it or not, many people don’t realize that they are in a situation where the power imbalance is off,...

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