Are Sleep Trackers Keeping You Awake at Night?

sleep Jun 16, 2021

If you have trouble sleeping, you know that can wreak havoc on your waking hours. But have you heard about digital insomnia: orthosomnia?

Step trackers. Calorie trackers. Now there are sleep gadgets and trackers to help us fall asleep while analyzing the quality and quantity of our sleep. You know what's ironic about fixating on achieving the perfect sleep or improving sleep scores? We're literally losing sleep over it!

I'm by no means an orthosomniac. Admittedly, I've had sleep challenges for many years, since starting grad school: I've had insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and post-menopausal sleep apnea. Sleep hygiene has become an integral part of my self-care practice. Forget the fancy gizmos and logging every breath you take. Here are my go-to sleep solutions, which I now adhere to nightly:

  • Blue light blocking glasses (I wear these while working at my computer or watching TV at night)
  • Wireless charger station (I keep it outside my bedroom on another floor of my house)
  • Apple HomePod (this stays in the bedroom, and I use it as my alarm; Siri wakes me up in the morning)
  • Weighted blanket (I love it!)
  • CPAP machine (Do you suffer from chronic brain fog? Do you snore? Go see a sleep doctor!)

The time to establish a sleep routine is NOW.

I created a 7-day sleep hygiene challenge to help people feel more attentive, engaged and productive. Each challenge day has a downloadable resource and a 5-minute task to complete. Participants train their brains and bodies to stick to a consistent sleep time and wake up time so that they can bring their best selves to virtual/hybrid meetings and work.

Here's an overview of the sleep challenge program:

  • Day1: What's Your Sleep Story?
  • Day 2: Optimize Your Morning & Daytime Routine
  • Day 3: Optimize Your Evening Sleep Routine
  • Day 4: Breathing and Relaxation Practices
  • Day 5: Be a Cave Man or Cave Woman
  • Day 6: Wind-Down with Bedtime Stretches/Yoga Poses
  • Day 7: Rise and Shine with Yoga Poses

Bonus information (ABC's of Sleep, FAQ's and Myth Busters) and a Certificate of Completion are also included in the challenge program.

I'd love to welcome your meeting attendees or workplace employees aboard my overnight sleep train! Click HERE to schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss how we can work together to improve sleep hygiene.

Sleep well,


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