Are you ready to step into pole walking?

pole walking Jun 25, 2020

Have a look at this video to see what's possible - with poles.

Up-level your workouts

Pole walking is the most inexpensive gym membership. With unlimited options, no hidden fees and with the proper technique, your $119.99 investment will be your lifelong fitness tool.

 To recap, here is what's inside the FLASH SALE INTRO TO POLE WALKING STARTER PACKAGE:

  •  Set of Urban Poles Series 300 with CoreGrip ergonomic handles designed by an occupational therapist, and your choice of blue or pink poles that include boot tips. See Pole Anatomy section of the Pole Walking Guide freebie.
  • New trekking boot tips (for hiking or walking on trails or rocky surfaces) - limited to the first 25 customers
  • Free shipping (in North America)
  • 4-Week Starter Program
  • Pandemic Pole Walkers private Facebook group: includes instructional videos (pole set up, how to pole walk effectively for a total body workout, warm-up and cool-down stretches), FAQs and moderated community-based discussions.

PLUS: FREE VIRTUAL ONE-ON-ONE POLE WALKING CLINICS. Send me your video, post it to the private Pandemic Pole Walkers Facebook group or book a 10-minute Facetime or Zoom video call. I will personally review your pole walking technique and have you pole walking like a pro in no time! WATCH THIS VIDEO to see what's possible.
Virtual walk clinic

Be a trendsetter and learn to pole walk with me as your virtual personal trainer and coach. Instead of the gym, ballet barre or yoga studio, we'll meet outdoors - in your boutique fitness studio!

The FLASH SALE ends today so don't delay. GRAB YOUR POLES NOW and I will see you inside the Facebook group once your poles arrive (within one-week).

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