I'm going plant-based - want to join me?

eat Jul 08, 2020

Have you seen the Netflix movie The Game Changers?

This movie changed the way I think about plant-based diets for not only improving health and preventing disease but for boosting energy and athletic performance.

Despite maintaining what I thought was a healthy whole foods diet, my A1C levels (blood glucose) have bordered pre-diabetes for many years, with doctors' recommendations to start Metformin (diabetes medication).

My father had adult onset type 2 diabetes. Due to an imbalanced diet, his type 2 diabetes became type 1 diabetes three months before he passed away two years ago.

I carry my dad's genes but my mission is to reverse diabetes with a different nutritional approach.

I don't believe in rigid diets and rigid calorie counting, food tracking and restrictions aren't my thing.

Recently, I became a new patient of the medical doctor featured in The Game Changers (he's also the former internist for the St. Louis Rams football team and the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team) and follow his advice: kick-starting a plant-based diet with the free 21-Day Vegan app.

I just started the 21-Day Vegan app this week and Gary, my husband is joining me on this challenge. This is a big deal. Gary is not the most adventurous eater, especially when it comes to vegetarian cuisine. His motivation is to get off cholesterol and hypertension medications, prevent Alzheimer's disease, and lose weight.

Want to join me in this challenge?

Hit reply and tell me what thoughts come to mind when you hear the words "plant-based diet."

Life begins outside your comfort zone. I'm about to step into social media land. Going "live" on Instagram and in video is super scary for me. I'd love for you to join me along my wellness journey and be inspired along the way :)

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