It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month – and here’s what’s on my mind

self-care Oct 14, 2021

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and you just have to take a look at your news feed to see that toxic relationships are everywhere. The tragic details surrounding the Gabby Petito murder, the issues raised in the Netflix hit series MAID – based on Stephanie Land’s bestselling memoir – have received lots of media attention and viral shares, showing us that domestic violence does not discriminate.

Anyone can fall prey. And COVID put an added strain on marriages: Many couples in quarantine went one of two ways – either the crisis brought people together, or it tore them apart. In the last e-blast, we talked about the pandemic being a relationship accelerator.

Survivors of domestic violence and advocates that support them know all about the patterns of abuse. Unhealthy relationships leading to abuse can happen at work and at home. And believe it or not, many people don’t realize that they are in a situation where the power imbalance is off, and where one person can intimidate, diminish or harm another.

I came across these Wheels of Power and Control and Equality, and they really resonated with me – I’ll bet many people would be surprised to find themselves fitting into one or more of these quadrants. Do you see yourself here, too?


As a passionate advocate of overall wellness and well-being, I’m a firm believer that self-care is crucial to stay grounded and better able to navigate or resist toxic relationships at work and at home. Putting your own oxygen mask on first is the only way you can help others around you.

I’m in the process of completing the Jay Shetty Life and Success Coaching Certification program. I plan to incorporate life coaching into my business offerings in 2022, and one of my areas of focus will be on reducing toxicity and increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Now, during Domestic Violence Awareness month, it’s even more important to encourage women to find their voice and help them find meaning, purpose and joy as we move forward past the pandemic.

I have a module on self-care and self-love that you might find very useful, both for yourself and for conference attendees and employees in the workplace. I also offer a mini-course about healthy eating, a seven-day challenge to improve sleep hygiene, a full library of stretch, yoga and mindfulness video breaks and a digital wellness resource center. You can check out a tour of my Virtual Wellness Lounge HERE.

And I’m always open to talking about your overall workplace and meeting/conference wellness needs. Feel free to book a chat with me HERE.

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