Progress, Not Perfection During the Pandemic

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2021

I’ve discovered something pretty simple: When we allow stress and anxiety to take over, it affects our minds and bodies big-time. Since we’re all still grappling with the stress of a global pandemic, it’s crucial to keep our health in check.

In my recent guest appearance on the Dare to Interrupt podcast with Courtney Stanley, I shared:

  • Why I took a two-year sabbatical from my work in the meetings industry.
  • How I pivoted from professional speaker to online course entrepreneur.
  • How a silent retreat helped me find focus and inner peace in silence and self-reflection.
  • How I incorporated the 5 P’s: Pause, Ponder, Patience, Progress and Pivot.

This podcast provides candid, authentic, straight-from-the-heart insights into how stress and anxiety impacted my professional and personal life.

I discuss how I leaned on my expertise and ultimately rebalanced my mind, body and business.

I discovered I was perfectly positioned for the pandemic: My strategy involved shifting my mindset and business to pirouette through the pandemic with grace, gratitude and ease.

The coronavirus crisis turned out to be an opportunity, a much-needed “self-care silver lining”.

Grab your headsets. Take a walk and HAVE A LISTEN HERE.

As we continue juggling work and family, the boundaries remain blurred, and self-care often gets shoved to the back burner: But making byte-sized adjustments can quickly give us the jolt we need to stay healthy.

I encourage you to push for progress, not perfection. By being gentle and compassionate with yourself, you can achieve your wellness goals.

By focusing on compassion and the human element in attendee engagement, I can help you create a healthy, impactful virtual experience for your attendees. Feel free to book an introductory chat with me anytime.

Be well,


PS: You gotta listen to the end of the podcast to hear about the surprise I am giving away through my partnership with MPI. Then hit reply or email me ([email protected]) about getting started in May!


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