Reflections on Gratitude

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2021

I stumbled into this quote: "This is not the year to get everything you want. This is the year to appreciate everything you have."

Select and perform a different act of gratitude for the remainder of this month:

Say thank you unexpectedly to someone.

Complement a stranger.

Tell someone you love or appreciate them.

Call a friend that you haven't been in touch with for a while.

Post gratitude notes around the house.

Keep a gratitude journal.

Embrace setbacks as part of your comebacks.

Volunteer to help and give back to others

Gratitude is contagious; it strengthens relationships, improves physical and mental health, and increases compassion, resilience, confidence, humility, and grit to rise from failures and disappointments.

I am ever so grateful for your readership and being a part of my wellness community and journey.

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