Rethink and revitalize your virtual events - here's how

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2020

Last month I attended my first virtual conference.

3 days.

12 hours a day.

Here's what I observed. Live events are tiring but virtual conferences are downright exhausting.

Here's why:

At live events, attendees are moving and exercising during the day, like walking from the conference venue to the meeting venue and walking between breakout sessions.

At this event, I walked from my bed to my desk and walked to the bathroom between breakouts.

I may have clocked a thousand steps all day.

Most of those steps were accrued when I walked during my lunch breaks. Alone. And stretched a bit during the coffee breaks. Alone.

Networking opportunities were limited. Occasionally, us attendees were thrown into Zoom breakout rooms and tasked to complete a group brainstorming exercise with a group of strangers. There were no social icebreakers and time to build camaraderie.

The virtual event left me with sitting fatigue and learning fatigue. But what could I expect after sitting in front of my computer all day long watching back-to-back sessions.

The conference ended on Sunday evening and I was too exhausted to start my work week.

I don't remember any of the information learned at the event. I suffered TMI (too much information), Zoom butt and brain burnout.

Here's what I discovered first hand: 

Now more than ever, event planners need to proactively break up long virtual meetings with mini-breaks for participants to recharge their bodies and minds, and find more innovative ways to engage participants.

As you plan your upcoming virtual events, remember this:

    • Participants remember experiences over information.
    • Participants are inundated with information.
    • Participants want inspiration and transformation.

Many of you know me as a conference wellness thought leader and pioneer (since 2012), delivering video stretch breaks, wellness lounges, wellness talks, and freelance writing for the meetings and hospitality industry.

Just when I launched my new digital wellness course and online community business, in March 2020, COVID launched too.

Fast forward to September. I’ve been inundated with requests to help reduce video conference fatigue and provide virtual wellness experiences that keep attendees engaged and energized.

Here's how I can help you create memorable virtual events:

For the do-it-yourself crowd, I have dozens of pre-recorded micro-breaks that you can use at your virtual event to help your attendees stretch and exercise at their desk, calm the mind, reset and refocus, and socialize.

For those who want more direct help, I can work with you to strategize about how to integrate wellness, social icebreakers, and movement throughout your event to give your attendees the best experience possible.

If you’re planning a virtual event, don’t give your attendees Zoom butt and brain burnout.

CLICK HERE to schedule a call with me now.

I look forward to helping you RETHINK and REVITALIZE your virtual events.

Be well,

P.S. If you’re interested in seeing the kinds of micro-break videos and virtual wellness experiences I have available, you can take a video tour on my newly updated website,


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