Why many employee wellness programs fail (but why your's won't)

Uncategorized May 12, 2020

If you recall from my workshop last week (May 2020) (you can catch the replay here), I talked about the 5 reasons why employee wellness programs don’t work because:

  • Wellness is narrowly focused (on physical health).
  • Wellness programs are delivered as one-size-fits-all activities.
  • Companies value employees managing time over managing energy.
  • Wellness programs are exclusively focused on using external rewards to motivate employees.
  • There is a "can't do" mindset and culture about taking lunch breaks and restorative micro-breaks throughout the day.

But it's actually more simple (and fixable) than that...

A big reason why programs fail is because many companies treat workplace wellness as an EVENT.

    • Biometric screening. Check.
    • An annual step or weight loss challenge. Check.
    • An annual health fair. Check.
    • A lunch & learn. Check.

This is what I call being addicted to the status quo.

Companies masquerade occasional programs as comprehensive employee wellness programs.

One-off reward-driven programs don't lead to long-term health behavior change.

Here's the million-dollar mindset shift that needs to happen:

If employee wellness is valued as the cornerstone of a healthy, productive and engaged workplace culture, it can no longer be something companies “check” off their “to do” lists.

Wellness is ...

A mindset.

A way of life.

A habit or ritual.

Unique to each employee.

Accessible to all employees. 

To get it right, employees need a comprehensive program that will show them how to embody wellness and make self-care an integral part of their workdays and busy everyday lives.

Because it's the small behaviors repeated with consistency every day that lead to lifelong healthy habits.

When wellness is made easy, it happens without awareness or conscious intent.

And that's where Byte-Size Wellness Academy comes in ...

For employees: BSWA isn't so much an "online course" as it is a self-guided 5-step journey to high-level wellness: SELF-CARE, EAT, SLEEP, MOVE and BREATHE. By the end of the program, employees will have all the tools they need to take charge of their health and become their own coach.

For companies: BSWA is intentional about helping companies take care of employee well-being - without adding to the company's busy "to do" list. There’s no need to create, deliver, oversee and evaluate the program. This is a done-for-you program.

So ... if you're looking for ways to support your tele-workers (or yourself) during COVID-19 or you want to create a healthy workplace culture that will keep employees engaged when they return to work ...

Here's the practical and actionable program to make it happen.

Let's keep moving forward,


Did you see this bonus? This Self-Care Survival Kit will give you a sneak peek of the EAT, SLEEP, MOVE, BREATHE content in BSWA. I hope you will find it useful as you navigate COVID-19.


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