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If you care about self-care but don't have time for it because you're too busy taking care of conferences and attendees, Byte-Size Wellness Academy is for you. This Done-For-You program will help you take care of your personal health AND help you create a healthy conference culture. Grab the freebie for ideas about integrating wellness into your meetings and events.


5-step journey to high-level wellness - without the overwhelm.

Self-guided micro-learning program to help busy meeting professionals embody wellness with ease. All content is evidence-based and delivered in short, digestible bytes. 

Practical. Actionable. Sustainable.
Byte-Size Guaranteed.


When you enroll in BSWA you for your personal wellness, you are immediately granted unlimited use of the X bytes video stretch, yoga and mindfulness micro-breaks for your meetings and conferences. Perfect way to combat sitting and learning fatigue, build social camaraderie, and keep attendees engaged and energized!

"We conduct a lot of experiments at our PYM LIVE Events for meeting and event planners nationwide and by far the most successful one was the inclusion of Exercise (x bytes) Bytes Fitness Breaks. We used them to create a physical and mental refreshment break. By inserting them into the half-way point of the most business-oriented segment of our event, we were able to get people up, moving and ready to tackle the second half. We also found that they were terrific for setting a different "tone" if we were transitioning from one section of the event to the next. They were a natural icebreaker and instantly made the events more fun. Plus, we were able to physically show the benefits of including wellness programming in an event schedule to the very people responsible for doing so. From an event organizer perspective, I loved that they weren't dependent on Internet access, that I had a variety of options from which to choose, that physical limitations were accommodated and that Kim and her team were so easy to work with. I'd highly recommend this product to other meeting/event planners and even HR professionals in charge of employee wellness programs."

Kristi Casey Sanders, CMM, CMP

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think the XBytes fitness breaks would be as well received as they were at our conference. My goal was to try something new and see how it went. Our conservative scientific conference attendees normally sit quietly, awaiting the start of a session. When we incorporated fitness breaks into the beginning of each session, I was amazed at how many people stood up and participated, laughed out loud, interacted enthusiastically and generally, had fun. XBytes breaks provided a great icebreaker and bonded audience members. They were also friendly conversation starters during conference networking functions as people joked about how much fun they had. Overall, we plan to use XBytes fitness breaks again at future conferences. The XBytes team is very enthusiastic and accommodating. We believe they are really breaking the mold with these fitness breaks"

Beth Miller-Tipton, CMP, CGMP

"I hired X-Bytes in order to deliver the exercise video, branded with our company name, during a medical congress. It was a unique way of engaging our clients and differentiated us from our competition as our brand stood out in an unusual way. The videos were well received and positioned to our medical clients, as a way of enhancing their learning experience during the conference. Also in order to get a better uptake, we ensured the presenter, president and in-coming president positioned the videos well as well as performed them on-stage. Because of the uniqueness of this offering, many of our clients approached us afterwards to inform us they had thoroughly enjoyed this value-add. Working with the X-Bytes team, and Kim in particular, was a breeze. We got the product delivered on time, with the changes we requested, in a friendly and timely fashion."

Sophie Belanger, B.Sc.N, MBA

"I had the privilege of booking X bytes for their first meetings industry conference, The Society of Government Meeting Professionals 31st Annual National Education Conference. We showcased the X byte exercise videos prior to the start of our education sessions and it was awesome! These videos kept our attendees alert, excited and eager to learn! The audience absolutely loved them! The X bytes team is passionate, organized and a pleasure to work with. I canโ€™t wait to use them again at future events! "

Krystal (Stotz) B.
Professional events services

"X bytes was the perfect way to engage our hospitality professionals during our events. After sitting in a chair for an extended period of time, they were able to stretch and work the muscles without breaking a sweat or having to change their clothing. It was an opportunity for them to let loose a little bit and refresh before diving back into the education that we provided. Dr. Kim was great to work with as well, very professional and explained all of the videos in detail to ensure we were set for success."

Angie Naniot Ahrens, CMP

"Kim has created a successful service that enhances health and wellness and gets people up and moving in fun and interactive way. I recently used X-Bytes at a conference for a fitness break, and everyone was smiling and enjoying the experience. X bytes definitely provided a well-needed energy boost for everyone. Now that I've seen X-bytes in action, if the opportunity arises, I would definitely recommend it to other groups. Thanks was great working with you "

Ingrid Norrish, CanSPEP

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