(Kim Bercovitz, Ph.D.)


My father had his first of two heart attacks at the young age of 47.

That changed me. I was 15 years old and it was then that I knew I was going to make access to wellness my life’s mission.

Pursuing a Physical/Health Education degree (University of British Columbia) was a natural fit (pardon the pun!). I was a very active kid who loved to exercise (ballerina, self-taught gymnast, skateboarder, lifeguard, swim & aerobics instructor, etc.).

But my learning didn’t stop there. My passion for wellness led to a full scholarship and M.S. in Exercise and Health Studies (Miami University), Ph.D. in Community Health (Health and Behavioral Science) at the prestigious University of Toronto, a National Cancer Institute of Canada Postdoctoral Fellowship, adjunct professor at the University of Toronto (where I taught undergraduate and graduate courses), research scientist at renowned Toronto teaching hospitals, and consultant to health care organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

My 30-year research career demystified peoples' real-world challenges to disease management and healthy active living. I published in peer-reviewed journals (google me!) and developed expertise in exercise & health promotion, addictions (especially tobacco control), and medical market research.

Here’s what I learned. It’s simple: this “all-or-nothing” approach to wellness doesn’t work. Starting a new health behavior or changing an old habit is a journey, a lifestyle. It starts with changing the mindset.

Small changes repeated consistently lead to long-standing healthy habits. My byte-size, micro-learning approach helps people re-think exercise and health. I make it easy to fit wellness into busy workdays – one-step or "byte" at a time.

I’m not all research and theory. I'm a 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited yoga instructor, certified pole walking instructor, BoneFit trained and taught osteoporosis and chronic disease exercise classes. I’m also trained in diabetes and older adult exercise, wellness coaching, and mindfulness-based stress reduction. 

And now I’m passionate about putting all that I know, shared as a professional speaker, and experienced first hand into an online wellness self-coaching course. I can’t wait to hold your virtual hand and guide you along your road to wellness and becoming your own wellness coach.  

Now on a personal note…

I practice yoga, mindfulness & mindful eating, and love to dance (west coast swing), swim, cycle, and power walk, especially with poles!

I’m byte-sized (5 feet small), type A, recovered chair-o-holic and disordered sleeper, former prediabetic, and recently diagnosed with osteoporosis. I love golden retrievers, am Canadian (eh?), and lived in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.  

I'm based in Washington DC, with my husband, and have two college kids and a dog (a golden, of course!).



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