So how are you going to support and take care of yourself (and your meetings) during COVID-19?

Option 1: Put  Wellness on Hold

Adjusting to working at home especially during a pandemic is stressful. Daily routines are disrupted and it's even harder to stick to healthy habits and set boundaries between work - family - leisure time. During this time of uncertainty, are you going to stick your head in the sand and hope things will get better? Are your clients going to hit the pause button and freeze expenses? Reschedule or cancel meetings? 

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Option 2: Create a Culture of Self-Care and Collective Care

Or take matters into your own hands to be present, intentional and innovative? People have more time on their hands. They're spending more time online. They want to learn new things, master new skills, break old habits, and pursue new interests. There is no better time than NOW to infect yourself and others in a positive way by creating a culture of self-care and collective care. Up-level your self-care, make healthy choices and stay healthy and fit from home. Use this time to create a vision of a healthy conference culture that will keep attendees engaged and energized during virtual and in-person events. The time to plan is now.

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Introducing a total wellness workout to up-level your self-care and boost immunity & vitality


Take care of yourself and become your own wellness coach

Byte-Size Wellness Academy (BSWA) will take you on a self-guided 5-step journey to high-level wellness with self-care, healthy eating, sleep hygiene, exercise and mindfulness. The program cuts through the information clutter and makes wellness easy, accessible and sustainable. If you're a busy person wanting to embody wellness - without the overwhelm - this online program is for you!

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5-Module Wellness Self-Coaching Program 

Work at your own pace through a series of buildable video lessons that guide you along your road to wellness and help you become your own wellness coach. This is a micro-learning course. Each lesson is 2.5-10 minutes. There are 5-20 micro-lessons per module. Binge watch like a Netflix series!

Downloadable and Fillable Resources

Evidence-based resources include: information and reference guides, worksheets, checklists, FAQ & myth buster sheets, planning sheets, wellness vision statements & more!

Certificates of Completion

At the end of each module and at the end of the program are beautifully designed Certificates waiting for you. If your company offers an incentive program, proof of completion may be a perfect way to earn points.

BONUS 1: Self-Coach Training to Maintain a Healthy Mindset

Learn how to handle roadblocks and tackle triggers & temptations; break-free from excuses, negative self-talk and an all-or-nothing mindset to make wellness a way of life - for life.

BONUS 2: Video Micro-Break Library

Participate in short, sweat-free 5-minute stretch, deskercise, office yoga and mindfulness videos at your desk or workstation. Videos can also be used as energy boosters at work meetings, training sessions and conferences. 

BONUS 3: Tele-Health Fitness 

Pole walking and other out-of-the-box ways to stay fit at home during COVID-19.

BONUS 4: Healthy Lifestyle Tips & Tips Sheets

Digital wellness and self-care information tips and inspirational quotes plus tip sheets on healthy eating, office and travel exercises.

BONUS 5: The Ultimate Guide for Creating a Healthy Meetings Culture 

20-page Guide packed with tips for creating a healthy meeting experience and overcoming roadblocks clients or attendees may have. Plus unlimited use of video stretch, yoga and mindfulness micro-breaks for your meetings and conferences. Keep attendees engaged and energized during virtual and live events.

Evidence-Based. Practical. Actionable. Sustainable. 

Byte-Size Guaranteed. All content is delivered to your desktop or mobile device in short, digestible bytes. We make it easy to fit wellness into your busy everyday life - one-step or byte at a time!

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Self-care is the foundation of wellness and the foundation of modules 2 through 5. Discover the "why, what and how" that will kick-start your wellness journey.


  • Manage and balance energy for full engagement at work.
  • Create a wellness vision and a wellness vision statement.
  • Develop an actionable wellness plan that integrates self-care and downtime. 

By the end of this module, you will be motivated to take care of yourself and put your health first so that you have vitality for work and everyday life; are more productive, engaged and committed at work; and have work-life balance.


This bonus lesson is like an emergency preparedness tool kit equipped with support, strategies and coping skills to help you handle triggers, temptations, and unforeseen roadblocks you will inevitably encounter on your wellness journey.  


  • Shift the mindset from negative to positive self-talk.
  • Break-free from an all-or-nothing mindset.
  • Accept lapses and relapses as learning opportunities.

By the end of this bonus module, you will be prepared to handle challenges to adopting and/or maintaining healthy habits. Being prepared will keep you moving forward - rather than sink into an abyss - and embrace wellness a way of life - for life.


EAT focuses on the fundamentals of food and healthy eating, real-world eating (meal planning & preparation, grocery shopping, reading food labels & ingredients lists), and eating for disease prevention. 


  • Learn everything you need to know about macronutrients, micronutrients, and added sugars.
  • Choose a healthy eating plan for heart and brain health.
  • Discriminate between fad diets, medical diets, diets for weight loss and diets for a healthy lifestyle.

you will have a rock-solid foundation about eating a balanced diet with more whole foods and less processed foods. Evidence-based information will motivate you to make healthy food choices to nourish the body and mind.


Tailored for desk jockeys, the MOVE module overviews the health hazards of chronic sitting and ways to combat it with desk exercises, standing desks, sit-to-stand planning, posture and balance training, active sitting, and pole walking. 


  • Discover that short bouts of exercise integrated into the workday combined with taking an active lunch break have cumulative benefit.
  • Experience a library of exercise video micro-breaks at desks or work stations.
  • Take a stand against sitting with pole walking, weight-bearing and strength training exercises to build healthy bones to prevent osteoporosis.

By the end of this module, you will have all the tools you need to stretch and move during the workday to keep energized and engaged.


Learn about the importance of SLEEP for memory, work performance and productivity, safety and overall health. 


  • Achieve 7-9 hours of sleep each night to reach deep, restorative REM sleep.
  • Practice good sleep hygiene (with a pre-sleep routine) to optimize quality and quantity of sleep.
  • Know when to seek professional help.

By the end of this module, you will no longer consider sleep deprivation a badge of honor. Instead, you will know why it's important to prioritize sleep like an athlete and how to practice good sleep hygiene to enhance work performance.



BREATHE will demystify mindfulness and give you practical tips to cope, focus and stay calm. In this dynamic module, you will discover ways to "fit" body relaxation, breath awareness, yoga and walking meditation into busy workdays and everyday life. 


  • Experience mindfulness practices with a library of mindfulness and office yoga micro-break videos.
  • Learn how to be present.
  • Discover how mindfulness heightens awareness of everyday eating and habits.

By the end of this module, you will have all the tools you need to practice mindfulness to help focus and reduce stress at work.



Private group coaching program to help you implement what you learn in Byte-Size Wellness Academy. 

Includes weekly live, interactive sessions and Q & A plus FREE set of walking poles to help you walk your way to wellness!

  • Up-level your self-care practice to something that's EASY to fit into your everyday life and is sustainable.
  • Take a 6-step journey that will teach you how to coach yourself to better health.
  • Learn out-of-the-box ways to stay healthy and fit from home.
  • Take charge of your health during COVID-19 to become more balanced, revitalized and resilient.
  • Get all the tools you need to tools you need to kick-start healthy habits (healthy eating, sleep hygiene, exercise and mindfulness practice), embody wellness, and become your own coach.

There are LIMITED SPOTS available in a private membership group that will transform you from feeling NO ENERGY to REVITALIZED.  


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All the course materials, downloads and instructions are provided in our members only website (the Byte-Size Wellness Academy portal). Participants follow along and learn at their own pace as each module is released over a period of 4 months.

Each module consists of several short video lessons and an accompanying downloadable and fillable resources. Many of the resources are interactive to help you retain everything they learn and put lesson insights into action. And... the entire site is optimized for your mobile device so that learning on the go is easy and convenient

Let us help you take care of yourself -- without the stress of figuring out how to get started.

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Is Byte-Size Wellness Academy right for you? If any of these scenarios resonate with you, then the answer is YES! LET'S DO IT!

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You want to up-level your self-care during COVID-19. 

You know it's time to put yourself and your health first, but you don't know how to do it. You don't know how to kick-start healthy habits, find work-life balance, and stay healthy and fit from home.


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You feel stuck.

You're cooped up inside your house. Your jeans don't fit. You're eating and snacking mindlessly. You suffer from TMI (too much information) and need a guide that cuts through the clutter and gives your evidence-based direction.  

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Conference wellness is not your thing.

You want to create a vision of a healthy conference culture that keeps attendees engaged and energized during virtual and live events. You realize it's important to start planning now but you haven't a clue where to begin. 

There is so much free content out there. Here's what makes BSWA different.

When there's a lot of free content, it creates a lot of confusion and overwhelm. People don't know what to do (like what to eat or what diet to follow), what to believe (is sitting really the new smoking?), how to know what information is truthful vs. "fake facts," who to follow in print and social media, and how to learn new healthy habits like mindfulness and yoga.

So what makes BSWA different?

1. It reduces information overwhelm. BSWA cuts through the information clutter and provides clarity and evidence-based direction. No more running on the "content treadmill."

2. It saves you time and energy. BSWA eliminates the need for you to mine through all the research and information. Everything you need to know and want to ask is conveniently located in one place.

3. BSWA takes out the confusion, complexity, and conflicting advice and makes wellness easy, accessible, understandable, and sustainable.  

Knowledge is power to make informed choices.

Hi I'm Dr. Kim, your virtual wellness coach

I'm a health behavior scientist (Ph.D. from the University of Toronto where I was an adjunct professor), former National Cancer Institute of Canada postdoctoral fellow) and a knowledge translation expert. 

BSWA is the culmination of my 30 years of research, teaching and coaching. I worked at renowned teaching hospitals, consulted to pharmaceutical companies and health organizations, and taught chronic disease exercise classes. When washing your hands frequently, know that you're in good hands. I understand what influences health behaviors and habits and what motivates people to change. I know what combination of evidence-based strategies and approaches are needed to help people make healthy choices.

My self-care is a practice: it's intentional and disciplined. I practice self-care to manage my own health conditions (osteoporosis and sleep apnea) and reverse others (pre-diabetes, weight gain, chronic plantar fasciitis, and anxiety).

Together with a team of registered dietitians, sleep scientists, my own sleep doctor, and other health experts, I synthesize, translate and package evidence-based content into practical, actionable, step-by-step guides and resources for you to use in the real-world. In your busy everyday life.

See below (and click here) to follow my journey and my why for wellness. I can't wait to hold your virtual hand and guide you along your road to wellness and becoming your own wellness coach!


Take a virtual tour