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Looking for a change from your repertoire of fitness and yoga classes? Want to up-level your walking workouts?


Walking is the perfect way to get some exercise while enjoying the fresh air and outdoors. Take walking to a whole new level by adding specially designed poles.

Pole walking (also known as urban poling or Nordic walking) is a total body workout for people of all ages, sizes, health conditions, and athletic abilities.

Enjoy this versatile activity: a fun social workout and adventure that can be done everywhere from neighborhood sidewalks and roads to parks and hiking trails. Add variety and intensity to your walks with interval training, stairs and hill climbing, and yoga. Pole walking offers the same year-round fresh-air experience as running – but without jarring and jostling your joints.

Why POLE WALKING VS Regular Walking?


Pole Walking activates 90% of muscles (upper and lower body muscles).

Walking WITHOUT poles activates 40% of muscles (lower body muscles).

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I am a pole walking instructor (accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine) and I’ve been pole walking for 10+ years. Cross-country skiing and skate skiing were my winter exercise activities when I lived in Toronto. Poles are an extension of my hands.

I got hooked on pole walking when I retired from running (more like jogging...) and was later recovering from a chronic hip injury and plantar fasciitis. Like many mid-life women, I now have osteoporosis. I could not recommend a better weight bearing activity that keeps bones healthy and strong. Up-level your power walks, add pep to your step and enjoy a full body workout by adding poles.

I now partner with a US-based distributor of Urban Poles to offer you pole walking starter packages for individuals, workplaces and conferences.