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Take care of employee well-being without adding to your busy "to do" list.


Interested? Keep on reading if...

  You’re concerned about attracting, retaining and developing talent.
  You care about employee engagement and well-being.
  You recognize that healthy employees are engaged, productive and reduce health insurance premiums.


Planning an employee wellness program is one more thing on your busy to do list...
Payroll   Benefits    Skills and talent  Diversity and inclusion   Compliance  Technology and analytics


  You haven’t a clue where to begin because wellness programs just aren’t your thing.
  You’d rather find a turnkey program.
  Or outsource to an expert so you can focus on what you do best (and love ).


  You do offer an annual health fair, biometric screenings, maybe a lunchtime yoga class & a step or weight loss challenge.
Now you can check workplace wellness off your list.




I'm Dr. Kim (short for Kim Bercovitz, Ph.D.), a SHRM recertification provider and health behavior expert specializing in exercise and health promotion, disease management and tobacco control. My 30-year research career demystified real-world challenges to healthy active living.

I created a micro-learning program to help people re-think wellness and make it accessible and sustainable. Byte-Size Wellness Academy makes it easy to learn, embody and fit wellness and self-care into busy workdays -- one step or byte at a time. 

The program also helps workplaces create a micro-break encouraging culture with its sweat-free stretch and mindfulness video micro-breaks.

Let me take wellness off your plate and help you take care of employee wellness - without the stress of figuring out how the hec to get started - and without having to “do” the work (plan, deliver and evaluate) for an employee wellness program. 

We’ll first capture employees where they are – and that’s often chained to their chairs working.

Did You Know?

Sitting is the new smoking

Let’s convince the desk jockeys about the importance of self-care: 

Put health and oneself first because a healthy employee is more productive, energized and engaged, and healthy employees make a healthy organization.

Healthy Employees - Healthy Organization - Healthy Workplace Culture

Overwhelmed about how to roll out the program?

We got you covered:
 Send us a csv file with employee names and email addresses.

 We send a personalized welcome email with unique login credentials  to each employee.

 We provide marketing materials to raise awareness and kick-start the program, and built in metrics to measure ROI.

Post-launch. Now what?

No need to worry about overseeing the program. You don’t have time for this.

 Employees will take charge of their own health with a self-guided online program that takes them along a 5-step journey to wellness.

 Employees receive Certificates upon completion of each module - perfect for companies that have employee incentive programs.

I look forward to holding employees' virtual hands, and guiding them on their road to wellness and becoming their own wellness coaches.

-- Dr. Kim 


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