Conference wellness swag bags with items that will keep attendees engaged and energized throughout the conference. In stock: carry bag, postcard size healthy lifestyle tip sheets, resistance band kit (includes upper and lower body exercise tip sheets), jump rope and mobile phone holder. Urban pole walking kits also available. Or customize swag bags or gift boxes that align with the virtual attendee experience you want to create.



Receive corporate logo recognition while facilitating a healthy and memorable Virtual Meeting Experience. 

Become a Well-Being Champion sponsor of the VIRTUAL WELLNESS LOUNGE and/or energy boosting VIDEO MICRO-BREAKS.

Options Include:

  • Virtual Wellness Lounge portal with company-branded banner prominently displayed.
  • (58) Video micro-breaks custom branded with company logo and/or company supplied video introduction. 
  • (58) Videos with company-branded holding slides shown before/after scheduled or on-demand video micro-breaks
  • Custom branded Healthy Lifestyle Tip Sheets
  • (58) Custom branded Exercise Bands
  • Custom branded Swag Bags 
  • Live exercise and yoga breaks with Dr. Kim (via Zoom or other virtual platform)
  • Live wellness webinars with Dr. Kim, including Q & A (via Zoom or other virtual platform)


"I hired X-Bytes in order to deliver the exercise video, branded with our company name, during a medical congress. It was a unique way of engaging our clients and differentiated us from our competition as our brand stood out in an unusual way. The videos were well received and positioned to our medical clients, as a way of enhancing their learning experience during the conference. Also in order to get a better uptake, we ensured the presenter, president and in-coming president positioned the videos well as well as performed them on-stage. Because of the uniqueness of this offering, many of our clients approached us afterwards to inform us they had thoroughly enjoyed this value-add. Working with the X-Bytes team, and Kim in particular, was a breeze. We got the product delivered on time, with the changes we requested, in a friendly and timely fashion."

Sophie Belanger, Senior Brand Manager, Abbvie

The X bytes Virtual Wellness Lounge is powered by Body Works, the attendee wellness company.


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