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Welcome to your new abundant life! I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Dr. Kim, wellness/life coach, health behavior scientist and gerontologist. I offer 1:1 and group coaching for organizations (conferences and workplaces) and individuals struggling with life transitions and finding the time and energy for self-care because they’re too busy attending to the needs of others. The coaching is part of my Byte-Size Wellness Academy, an online wellness self-coaching program equipped with curated video mind-body micro-breaks, video mini-courses and downloadable resources about self-care, healthy eating, sleep hygiene, and mindfulness. 

Now, wait… if this sounds overwhelming or too academic, rest assured that I am not a stuffy scientist who will coach you through life transitions and optimal health solely through hard data.  I’m on a mission to make self-care and self-discovery easy and accessible - one micro-step, one byte at a time. 

I embody wellness: yogi (200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher), mindfulness maven (trained in Jon Kabat-Zinn's Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Kristen Neff's Mindful Self-Compassion), dance diva (salsa, west coast swing), exercise enthusiast and instructor (pole walking, bone fitness, diabetes, chronic disease and older adult exercise), and a certified life coach through former monk-turned-author and life coach, Jay Shetty Certification School.  

If you’d like to know more about my academic/professional background, here it is:

  • Ph.D. in Community Health from the University of Toronto where I was an adjunct professor 
  • Former National Cancer Institute of Canada postdoctoral fellow
  • MS in Exercise and Health Studies (Miami University) 
  • Bachelor of Physical Education (University of British Columbia)
  • Worked at renowned hospitals, including University Health Network, the largest hospital-based research program in Canada and published in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Consulted to pharmaceutical companies and health organizations about the patient disease journey experience
  • Professional speaker (virtual and in-person) for the meetings and hospitality industry, human resources, associations and workplaces.

My byte-size wellness® approach is the culmination of my 30+ year research career in health and exercise promotion, disease management, aging, addictions and tobacco control. And I am now adding life coaching into the mix!


Coaching is a collaboration between the Coach and the Client to help clients create their best selves – be it at work, in relationships, and in their everyday lives. Coaches provide a sounding board and ask thought-provoking questions that guide clients to identify their goals and obstacles holding them back, discover their passions, and create byte-size strategies and solutions to achieve long-lasting change. The result: living a happier, more abundant life full of meaning, purpose and joy. 


To explain the process of personal coaching, we'll use the metaphor of driving a car. Say, you've driven your car into a ditch (i.e. you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lost, alone, lonely, unfulfilled, bored, complacent, regret, etc.). You, the client, are in the driver’s seat, ready and able to embark on the road trip but you need help figuring out how to go from "ditch to destination." The coach is in the passenger's seat and guides the client along a journey from present to future.

Some clients have a vision or dream but feel like they're "spinning their wheels" or driving in the fog. A good coach will help clients reach their goals faster and with more clarity.

So, instead of delving into the past (“coulda, shoulda, woulda” talk) and giving directions and mapping out the road trip for the client, a good coach:

  • Encourages and supports clients in driving their own car
  • Co-creates a roadmap with their client to help them navigate transitions and uncharted territory
  • Unpacks the root of the problem and the obstacles that lie in the way of change
  • Guides their client to help them overcome roadblocks (such as mindset, limiting beliefs)
  • Works with their client to plan the path ahead
  • Ultimately helps their client uncover their full potential so they can confidently make their way forward.

The mantra is: The client is whole, complete and resourceful through the coaching journey.


What's the real secret about changing your life?

It’s not about making resolutions or grand gestures – it’s actually the opposite: Micro-steps! With my thought-provoking questions and specific formula of byte-size micro steps, you will step outside your comfort zone and uncover your inner wisdom in order to become the person you are truly meant to be.

And FYI …. I don’t lead your typical coaching sessions. My sessions are highly interactive and guaranteed to get you to “eat, sleep, move, breathe” wellness in real time.

So, instead of Zoom calls you will:

  • Walk with me over virtual walk & talk coaching sessions,
  • Practice role playing and visualizations to put insights into action,
  • Meal prep and/or grocery shop together in order to invoke nutritious & healthy eating,
  • Shake it out and dance like no one is watching,
  • Open your heart and mind with yoga and mindfulness practices,
  • Strengthen your body and mind with ballet barre and "deskercises."

Together, we will find you self-care solutions along with curated resources inside BYTE-SIZE WELLNESS ACADEMY, my online self-coaching program. How’s that for a concierge approach to wellness?

Don't let another month go by without investing in your future; book a DISCOVERY CALL today and I’ll be in touch with you shortly with next steps.  Looking forward to connecting with you!


There are a lot of personal and business coaches out there - so why select me?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Academic Training: By trade and training, I am a social scientist with a long standing career in academia and research in health behavior change.
  • Inspiration: You will grow as I inquire and inspire while taking you along an adventurous journey of self-discovery, self-love and emotional literacy.
  • Intuition: You will benefit from my intuitive nature and feel listened to as I will be fully present with you during our sessions together.
  • Moving Beyond Now: I create a safe space to explore, listen deeply, empathize with people in transition and in trauma and pain, and help you discover and live your full potential - with vitality, passion and purpose.
  • Compassionate Self-Acceptance: With my guidance and years of experience, I will help you disentangle complex topics, see and hear what is hidden and unsaid, name your emotions, identify core values, set boundaries, make mind-body connections, and practice self-compassion. This will lead you to a place where you can more clearly see what is right for you moving forward.

My journey: You see, I’ve been through enough of my own transitions (moved countries mid-life, divorce, empty nesting, caregiving for an aging parent with dementia, loneliness and grief around the death of a parent, dog, and marriage) and invested in myself: therapy, coaching, mindful self-compassion and yoga training. I took a sabbatical from my own self-care  business in order to take care of myself and put my mental health and myself first.

The result: I lost 22 pounds, gained a ton of energy and zest for life; found my true love (myself), my passions (yoga and dance) and my purpose (serving you with life/health coaching ;) So, I understand and have overcome life challenges  and mindset roadblocks and cannot wait to hold your hand and guide you along your journey inward and forward.  

What You’ll Gain through my Specialized Micro-Step Coaching Program:

  • Manage, balance and unleash your energy to create a new zest for life.
  • Embody self-care: Put yourself and your health first to more effectively take care of others.
  • Kick-start healthy habits to boost immunity and vitality. 
  • Reignite your purpose, meaning and joy in your personal life and in your relationships.
  • Hone your creativity in order to explore new options, passions and directions forward.
  • Find your true love - self-love - and date yourself so that you will never feel alone and lonely again.
  • Discover emotional literacy/agility, assertiveness and confidence to set boundaries and speak up.
  • Create a holistic connection (mind, body, spirit) with oneself for a more harmonious, peaceful life.
  • Receive the gifts of presence, equanimity, kindness and self-compassion and pay it forward in your relationships with others.


In Addition to These Benefits,You’ll Also Receive:

Access to BYTE-SIZE WELLNESS ACADEMY, equipped with video-delivered mini-courses, mind-body breaks, and downloadable resources to help you take charge of your mental and physical health and make self-care a lifelong habit.

Discover how to put yourself and your health first in order to create a more resilient and revitalized life.

This online, self-guided program cuts through the clutter and will save you time and energy. Everything you need to know and ask is conveniently located in one place. All information is easy to digest and consume. Because it's delivered in short, digestible bytes.

Create a vision of the healthy lifestyle you want to lead. Embrace and embody it as you learn how to become your own wellness coach and self-care superstar!

Take care of YOU and your well-being -- with the overwhelm!

Wellness self-coaching made quick and easy. 




“I always leave the sessions feeling so much better. I didn’t want them to end.”
“You gave me hope. The need to self-manage and stay on track too.”
“Thank you for holding the space for me. I really appreciate that you enabled me to realize that part about my personal life and what I could do with that. And ensuring I breathe and slow down a bit and take time for me. Delegate.”
“It was a nice breakthrough while asking simple but powerful questions about how I could be kinder to myself. This is what is meant to be human and it’s okay. Love that!”
“I LOVED your coaching! I remember some of your questions and the way you approached things will stick with me forever. Thank you for being such an inspiration.”
“A good coach can impact a game, but a great coach can impact a person’s life. You did that for me! Bless You!”
“One of the things that makes Dr. Kim so very special is her presence which is spiritually uplifting for the soul, mindful and filled with passion, kindness and compassion for those with whom she works.”
“Dr. Kim is an insightful coach, who asked great reflective questions to bring me to that light bulb moment. I really enjoy our sessions because we focused on things I thought were holding me back. Dr. Kim helped me realize I can tackle those hard conversations and not let the other person off the hook because I went to make them feel comfortable. Instead, I can do it thoughtfully with intention and honor myself.
I highly recommend Dr. Kim as she also helped me realize the boundaries I set and keep with myself are important to stay grounded in body, mind and soul. When I keep those boundaries with myself I actually have more to give and open to really listening to others.”
Curious if Life Coaching is for you? Let's do a mini coaching session, while exploring what you're looking for in your life  journey. It's important that you feel comfortable and confident that you're in the right place, at the right time, working with the right coach.
Let's meet over a Discovery Zoom call to see if we're a good fit. 

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