Confessions for a Netflix Addict

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2021

Like many of you, I spent way too much time binge-watching Netflix and Amazon Prime during the pandemic. But I’ll bet my playlist was quite different than most: I watched Shtisel, Unorthodox, Fauna, Tehran, When Heroes Fly, and Srugim. I also watched an Indian film, Queen, and Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont.

Notice a common theme here? Everything I watched was in a foreign language with English subtitles.

Now, I’m not a TV person. You might remember that I literally cannot sit still. At movie theaters, my restless leg syndrome would kick in, so I’d get up halfway through the film to walk around and stretch in the entrance way aisle. I couldn’t even make it through 50 Shades of Grey, leaving my husband to watch half the movie alone!

I make a point to only watch foreign-language shows because:

  • I can’t multi-task while reading subtitles, so no working, texting or talking.
  • It compels me to be fully PRESENT and in the moment so I can focus on the sub-titles.
  • It forces me to sit down, unwind and relax.
  • It helps me be still in stillness.

Why am I sharing my TV-watching habits with you?

So I can help you and/or your attendees be PRESENT and MINDFUL during virtual meetings. Here are my six tips:


Check in with yourself: How am I feeling right now?


Make YOURSELF the top priority, starting from when you wake up.

Set your intention for the day by asking yourself:

  • What do I want for myself today?
  • How do I want to feel today?
  • How will I feed my body, mind and soul?

Remember: Energy flows where your intention goes!


Escape the noise that surrounds our virtual reality:

  • Check in with others to feel connected socially.
  • Start the meeting with a short meditation to calm and re-set the mind.
  • End the meeting with a few moments of reflection to feel grounded and connected to a purpose.


Stay more engaged online:

  • Keep your camera on.
  • Turn off all distractions, such as text and email notifications.
  • Use body language and your facial expressions to convey interest and empathy. Try to make eye contact and sit up straight.
  • Minimize multi-tasking: Don’t check your texts, emails, or social media. Avoid scanning through chat discussions.
  • Notice if your mind drifts elsewhere and bringing it back to the moment.
  • Use the platform’s interactive functions to make your voice and presence heard and felt.


Listen attentively and compassionately:

  • Suspend your biases.
  • Hear what others have to say without trying to solve their problems.
  • Engage in respectful discussion through other people’s ideas and experiences.
  • Welcome other voices into the conversation via the “raise hand” and chat functions.


Be patient, kind and compassionate with yourself and with others:

  • Wait for a gap in the conversation or for an invitation to unmute yourself before jumping in.
  • Distractions and the needs of pets and family members have become the new norm for tele-working and virtual meetings, so accept that they’ll happen.
  • Meet yourself wherever you are without judgement and encourage your colleagues to do the same.
  • "Unmask" yourself and allow others to see your authentic self.

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Be well,


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