Mastering ZZZs Gives You an A+ in Overall Health

sleep Apr 04, 2022

Let’s face it, there’s nothing better for our overall wellness than sleep. No matter how many vacations we take, how much yoga we complete, or how many glasses of water we drink, if we’re not getting enough good-quality rest, everything else we do to boost our health and wellness will suffer.

And, let me tell you – am I ever getting familiar with sleep - and lots of it! Last week I tested positive for COVID and, while I’m very grateful to be experiencing only minor symptoms, I was absolutely exhausted - sleeping up to 15 hours per day.

I’ve Been Where You Are – And I Can Help

Even though I teach people about wellness for a living and embrace a holistic, centered, and healthy lifestyle, I’ve literally been there, done that when it comes to sleep – insomnia; sleep trackers; restless leg syndrome; cramming all night for my Ph.D. dissertation; staying up and getting up all night with my babies, post-menopausal sleep apnea…

In fact, here’s a “byte” from my other related on this very topic:

“I battled sleep disorders for many years. I did my most creative thinking and writing late at night, often until 4 AM. While studying for my MS degree at Miami University, I was an insomniac. I wanted to get everything done as quickly as possible, and that meant functioning on about four hours of sleep a night.”

Step Up Your Sleep Hygiene Routine

My COVID-induced slumber won’t last of course – I can’t and won’t be sleeping for 15 hours a day for very long. However, as a behavior scientist and soon-to-be certified life coach, I’ve done my due diligence and discovered the proper way to achieve good-quality sleep and make sleep hygiene an integral part of your self-care practice.

Forget the fancy gizmos and logging every breath you take. Instead take action and invest in a program that gets to the core of the issue and can help solve your sleep issues long-term.

You see, I’ve created a simple 7-day sleep program (along with two bonuses!) as part of my that provides participants with the right habits to achieve the restful nights and deep sleep that your body and mind truly need for optimal wellness.

Here’s a teaser from the program with my best, top-line advice on the topic of sleep:

  1. Optimize your morning and daytime routine to stay engaged and energized.
  2. Train your brain and body to stick to a consistent evening sleep routine.
  3. Practice yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques to help relax before bedtime.
  4. Create a comfortable, peaceful sleep environment to promote good sleep.
If you want to achieve long-term, good-quality sleep habits without resorting to sleeping aids or other tricks, click to find out more and for the challenge. If you have any questions about my 7-Day Sleep Challenge, or any of my other online courses, you can also send me an email at or schedule a with me.

Nighty, night!


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