Trapped in a parking garage? Just breathe!

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2021

Remember that classic Seinfeld episode where Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George got lost in the parking lot? The entire episode revolved around them going around in circles, getting increasingly aggravated.

Well, that happened to me yesterday. I found my car, but couldn’t figure out how to exit from the parking lot.

I drove around and around, up and down four parking garage levels. I did this many times.

But I just couldn’t find the exit. That’s because the exit had moved: There was a slight detour, but the signage did not reflect that.

My mindfulness practice was incomplete: I was certainly aware – I definitely noticed how my body was physically reacting to stress. But instead of pausing, taking a deep breath, slowing down and responding calmly to the situation, I reacted. Quite badly, actually.

Not only am I directionally challenged, but I was suddenly overcome with such anxiety – the anxiety that has been exacerbated since COVID – that I broke down and cried. I thought I was losing my mind.

Finally, I found a parking attendant who could tell me how to get out. He walked alongside my car to show me the new exit. And off I went. I evaded a full-blown panic attack.

Did you know you can tap into your brain to shift gears when things like this happen?

Practicing mindfulness is like taking a brain break to help you focus, be present and stay engaged.

Think of it as your mental training gym.

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi studied creative people to understand what makes them happy and present. He wanted to explore them when they were in a state of flow, in the zone, fully immersed and absorbed in an activity.

This is me when I am in flow.

I dance (salsa and west coast swing) out of pure joy. The joy of motion. Expression. Improvisation. Playfulness.

Dance makes me feel totally in the moment.

I am not thinking or planning.

I am just being. I’m present. In the moment. Right here. Right now.

I attended an intensive, three-day Tony Robbins virtual event last year. The audience was fully present, engaged and energized even though the days were 14 hours long. Why? Because dance breaks were integrated throughout the program.

Micro dance breaks are the perfect way to revitalize your audience. And I can make that happen for you.

Want to hear more? Hit reply and tell me: What kind of dancing would you like to see and do? Livestream? Pre-recorded video breaks? A little of both? I’m thinking of creating a series of new short dance breaks and I’d love your input!

Looking for ways to incorporate brain and body breaks into your meetings, workdays and virtual/hybrid events? Let me help you revitalize, engage and energize your audiences’ collective battery.

My brain and body breaks and byte-size wellness activities are available in a stand-alone portal (The Virtual Wellness Lounge) or can be included and broadcasted inside your meeting agenda and on your conference platform. Just like a battery, re-charging helps everyone be at their best, ready to work hard and absorb your content.

Click HERE to book a Zoom call with me so we can discuss!

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