When the Wellness Expert Becomes the Patient

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2021

My timing could not have been better…

I was looking to up my game in the virtual events industry as a professional speaker and producer of virtual wellness experiences. After all, my EAT/SLEEP/MOVE/BREATHE approach to wellness and self-care is especially important right now, as we continue to navigate the pandemic.

But then, two weeks ago, I was blindsided by an unexpected health crisis.

This is me, the Wellness Warrior, attending a virtual conference.

I was just diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, which hurled me into a state of total exhaustion.

Walking up the stairs was about all the exercise I could handle. Suddenly, I went from feeling healthy and fit – and teaching my clients how to accomplish this – to experiencing these all-over-the-place symptoms:

  • cold and hot flashes
  • constant fatigue, yet problems falling asleep
  • having no appetite, or being constantly hungry
  • unintended weight loss

Before I launched my wellness business in 2012, I ran ‘The Research Doctor’, a medical market research business, where I studied the patient disease journey experience.

Now, I’m the patient.

I’m experiencing exactly the opposite of what I promote in my professional approach to wellness and self-care:


High blood glucose levels put me in the pre-diabetes stage, despite healthy, clean eating and significant weight and body fat loss. Plus, my high cortisol/stress levels have put my thyroid and blood sugar levels out of whack.


My sleep patterns vary wildly – from post-menopausal sleep apnea (yes, I use a CPAP machine) to insomnia due to an over-active thyroid.


Having an elevated heart rate means I can’t do any cardio exercise until my thyroid is under control.


Overexertion makes it hard for me to breathe. Stress increases my heart rate. I now need to slow down and practice what I preach: mindfulness and breathing exercises to calm my mind and body.

My days are crammed with multiple tests and doctor’s appointments. And like many of you during this year of COVID-19, I’d lost track of all the check-ups I missed. So now, I’m getting them done.

That brings me to why I’m telling you my story…

I believe you can – and should! –   Coach Yourself to Better Health, through COVID-19 and Beyond.


This is my signature talk about putting your health first to create a more resilient and revitalized life.

We’re all adjusting to a changing work environment, and it’s stressful! Our routines have been disrupted, and we’re juggling so many work and family life responsibilities.

Let me show your team how to prioritize and practice self-care by kick-starting healthy habits that boost immunity and vitality.

I’m available to deliver a Lunch & Learn webinar for your workplace wellness program or a virtual breakout session at your next meeting or conference.

Think of it this way:

Self-care is like car-care.

It’s something you just cannot afford to skip.

My talk is guaranteed to engage and energize participants and get them out of their seats and moving with yoga, desk exercises, and a mindfulness practice.

Join me! Find out how to kick-start your team’s self-care here and let’s jump on a call to talk about your upcoming virtual and/or hybrid events. Here’s the link to my virtual calendar.

Take care of yourself and your health,


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