Are You Doing Everything You Can to Stay Healthy?

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2022

Avoiding COVID-19 is still on our minds, and yes, doing the big things – getting vaccinated, masking, social distancing – are as important as ever. But as Arianna Huffington reminds us in a , it’s the little things that are going to have the most impact.

I’m a firm believer that changing bad habits and behavior – not getting enough sleep or exercise and putting yourself last on the priority list – is all about micro-steps.

Making small changes can trigger big results. For example, Huffington cites studies showing that getting more sleep can significantly boost your immune system, and exercise helps our bodies battle COVID. Proper nutrition also lowers your chances of severe illness.

Moving more, eating better and taking the time to just breathe and be present in your own life is easier with the right mindset. I’ve found success with my own self-care by focusing on things that bring me joy in addition to good health – such as dancing, singing and yoga.

However, since most of us abandon our New Year’s resolutions right about now, it’s easy to get discouraged and then give up before seeing any results. We’ve all been there! But as we enter the third (!) year of this pandemic, we need all the help we can get to stay healthy, engaged and motivated to face 2022’s challenges – both at work and at home.

Need some inspiration to make the right micro-changes that will guide you on your road to overall wellness and shore up your immune system? I’ve developed a series of short videos and easy-to-follow plans designed to improve your body, mind and soul through movement, breath work, proper nutrition and sleep hygiene.

These tools can be found inside , my online wellness self-coaching program now available for personal use (and as a for meetings/conferences and workplaces).

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