Freebie for you: COVID-19 Self-Care Survival Kit

pole walking May 06, 2020

Coronavirus is invisible but we all feel its presence. We're living in a time of great uncertainty where working from home and searching for different ways to exercise, prepare meals, and maintain daily habits is challenging.

Staying home gives you the gift of time. There is no better time than now to take your health in your hands to boost immunity and vitality so that you come back stronger and fitter post-COVID-19.

Here's my gift to you: a COVID-19 Self-Care Survival Kit to help you eat, sleep, move and breathe your way to wellness.

If you're feeling cooped up inside the house or need a change form your repertoire of on-demand or web-streamed fitness and yoga classes, you're going to love the special section on pole walking inside the Kit.

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If you're interested in joining me as a founding member (monthly membership fees will be granted and maintained at the lowest price), please send me a private email ([email protected]), hit reply or CLICK HERE to schedule a video call.

Let's keep moving forward - for personal and population health.


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