When the Wellness Expert Becomes the Patient - The Sequel!

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2021

In February, I shared my health crisis with you. Yes, the Wellness Warrior was blindsided by total exhaustion. Here’s what’s happened since then.

After a month of tests – blood work, an MRI, radioactive scans -- and doctor’s appointments, I was diagnosed with subacute thyroiditis, a rare thyroid disorder that affects 2-3% of the population, usually caused by viral infections.

I’m convinced that in my case, stress brought this on.

Most of the time, after cycling through hypo- and hyperthyroid phases, this condition goes away on its own over time. Turns out, this was the best diagnosis I could wish for – I initially thought I had throat cancer because I was in so much pain.

Three good things happened during my patient journey:

1. Swinging from hyper- to hypothyroidism meant my weight fluctuated, but I finally dropped the excess weight (10 pounds) that I wanted to lose, enabling me to finally fit into my designer jeans from 2012.

2. I got my mojo back – so much so that I now infuse energy as a common theme in my virtual wellness breakout sessions and breaks.

I even overhauled my talks into a “flipped classroom” or what I call the “10-minute workout” – 10 minutes of content alternating with 10 minutes of interactive activity.

This means we don’t just talk about how to create a balanced and revitalized life; we live it, starting at the virtual event. This is a guaranteed way to get participants moving in and out of their seats. Participants will learn how to inject energy to drive their minds and bodies into a peak powerful state so they’re open to learning:

Prime the mind and body. Prime your day.

3. During the hyperthyroid phase when I was in overdrive, I completely overhauled my Virtual Wellness Lounge, incorporating Byte-Size Wellness Academy, my online wellness self-coaching course.

The result: A 360 virtual attendee engagement and wellness experience – from awake time to bedtime, using my Eat, Sleep, Move and Breathe approach to Self-Care.

Here’s what’s included:

• 3 self-contained online mini-courses (Self-Care, Self-Care Coaching, Fundamentals of Food & Healthy Eating) with 5-minute video lessons, worksheets, information guides and resources

• A 7-day Sleep Hygiene Challenge

• A video library with stretch, desk exercises, mindfulness and yoga breaks

• My Wellness Resource Center of downloadable wellness resources including healthy lifestyle tip sheets, info/starter kits and “Get Up” reminder commercials

• 8 Gameboard-style Roadmaps to help navigate and gamify the Lounge

• 7 Certificates of Completion

Attendees leave the conference with a wealthy of self-care tips and resources they can easily implement into their tele-working days and everyday lives.

Created for virtual events and busy everyday lives.
Byte-size guaranteed.

Grab a video sneak peek HERE and let’s jump on a call to talk about your upcoming virtual and/or hybrid event. Here’s a link to my virtual calendar.

Be well,

PS: The Virtual Wellness Lounge curriculum is eligible for continuing education/professional education credits with SHRM and EIC.


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