Here's what Peloton taught me to do differently in 2021

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2021

My Peloton bike has been storing clothes and clutter, not burning calories and collecting points.

So on New Year's day, I decided to finally take my Peloton for a spin and start the "new year, new me" resolution: to get up early and squeeze in some exercise before starting my workday.

Otherwise, my plans to exercise EOD don't happen. I'm swamped with back-to-back Zoom meetings. My days blur into evenings. And by the time a window of exercise opportunity presents itself ... I'm too tired....

..... and instead binge watch a Netflix series (I just finished Schitt's Creek; I loved the "byte-size" episodes. What have you been watching?)

Peloton instructor Kendall Toole shared some thought provoking messages during her 30-minute "top 50 of 2020" end of year ride like "Do Less. Give space for more to happen."

The pandemic has prompted us to pause, reflect, reset, and envision possibilities for change.

Here's what I will do differently in 2021:

  • Schedule space between my virtual meetings to breathe.
  • Reduce my "to do" lists to no more than 3 things to accomplish in day (micro-successes is what I need to stay motivated).
  • Feature less meeting wellness programs on my website and more opportunity to customize attendee engagement experiences before and after the virtual event.

One reason why I haven't been motivated to follow the Peloton workouts is because of "decision fatigue." There are too many workouts to choose from so I end up doing -- nothing.

In case there's any concern about decision fatigue for the slew of videos and wellness resources inside my VIRTUAL WELLNESS LOUNGE, I have a solution:

Custom curated video packages to embed inside the conference agenda and broadcast to attendees between breakouts, during coffee breaks and lunch breaks.

Pre-selected video packages are also available for tele-worker workplace wellness programs.

Less is more. Consider a package of 5-minute video breaks (delivered as mp4  files) to integrate into your virtual meeting platform. Here's some options:

  • Stretch videos for a Stretch & Flex Room
  • Mindfulness videos for a Zen Den
  • Yoga videos for a Yoga Studio
  • Desk Exercises for a Desk Jockey Club
  • Social Icebreakers for Breakout Rooms or Virtual Roundtables
  • Downloadable wellness resources for a virtual Wellness Library

Videos and resources can be custom branded. Hello sponsors!!!

I'd love to help infuse energy and engagement into your 2021 events. Have a look at my updated website HERE and schedule a VIRTUAL WELLNESS CONSULT with me.

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