Behind the mask: you don't want to miss these offers

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2020

As companies are busy figuring out how to support tele-workers and/or prepare for employees to return to work, let me help you create a resilient, revitalized workplace culture.

Here's the thing: masks and other "pandemic proofing" measures are important for keeping others (and ourselves) safe. But ... they may be masking a deeper issue: employee mental and physical health.

This pandemic has accelerated a health crisis. Companies need to flatten the chronic disease curve and reduce concomitant direct (insurance premiums and workers' compensation claims) and indirect costs (absenteeism, presenteeism, productivity).

The time to start planning is NOW.

Here's how I can help.


If you attended my webinar or listened to the REPLAY, I mentioned that I am offering a reduced fee of $997 USD (for companies with under 100 employees). After June 30, the price increases to an annual flat fee of $2,400 USD. Pricing for companies...

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Are you ready to step into pole walking?

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2020

Have a look at this video to see what's possible - with poles.

Up-level your workouts

Pole walking is the most inexpensive gym membership. With unlimited options, no hidden fees and with the proper technique, your $119.99 investment will be your lifelong fitness tool.

 To recap, here is what's inside the FLASH SALE INTRO TO POLE WALKING STARTER PACKAGE:

  •  Set of Urban Poles Series 300 with CoreGrip ergonomic handles designed by an occupational therapist, and your choice of blue or pink poles that include boot tips. See Pole Anatomy section of the Pole Walking Guide freebie.
  • New trekking boot tips (for hiking or walking on trails or rocky surfaces) - limited to the first 25 customers
  • Free shipping (in North America)
  • 4-Week Starter Program
  • Pandemic Pole Walkers private Facebook group: includes instructional videos (pole set up, how to pole walk effectively for a total body workout, warm-up and cool-down stretches), FAQs and moderated community-based discussions.


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BIG benefits of walking with poles

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2020

Did my email and post peak your curiosity about pole walking?

Pole walking is one of the fastest growing forms of fitness globally and with good reason. It's a total body workout for people of all ages, sizes, health conditions and athletic abilities. Plus it offers the same year-round fresh-air experience as running - but without jarring and jostling your joints.

Curious about the benefits of pole walking? This byte-size VIDEO CLIP captures the benefits of pole walking (compared to regular walking - without poles).

Pole walking benefits

Check out all the muscles you will activate when you take up pole walking:

Take advantage of my INTRO TO POLE WALKING PACKAGE to get you started. FLASH SALE ends tomorrow.

PS: Stay tuned for tomorrow's email where I will share my real backstory behind pole walking and a little something to help you pole walk like a pro!

Keep moving forward,

Want more information about the 10 benefits pole walking, supported by 280+ published research studies? Check...

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Up-level your walks with poles

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2020

I'm writing because I have an idea brewing in my head and I can't let it go. It's got me SO excited. I'm sharing this with you because of our shared interest in walking.

Here's the backstory:

Since COVID-19 erupted, I have chosen to stay home.

I don't feel cooped up inside the house.

I prefer not to do on-demand or web-streamed exercise and yoga classes. I spend enough time in front of a computer.

I don't plan to return to my gym and yoga studio because I'd find it a challenge to work out wearing a mask.

I get outside daily to enjoy the fresh air and power walk. But not just your average power walk. I up-level my walk with poles.

Pole walking?! Curious? WATCH THIS COOL VIDEO.

What is pole walking?

I walk for the following reasons:

  • For fitness and bone building benefits (I have osteoporosis).
  • To stay socially connected (over virtual walk & talk meetings).
  • To catch up on podcasts and webinars (how productive is that?)

I have a vision: to start Pandemic Pole Walkers, a pole...

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TGIF or same sh*t different day?

Uncategorized May 22, 2020

I'm not sure if "Thank God it's Friday" is relevant at this time.

Every day feels the same. Some days I'm up working or binge watching Netflix series until 2 am and other days like last night, I'm in bed before 9 pm and up at 4 am to start my day. My routine has shifted with my two college kids home.

While this pandemic is not yet under control, the one thing that I try to control is my health. Like yoga, my self-care is a practice. It's intentional and disciplined. I practice self-care to manage my own health conditions (osteoporosis and sleep apnea) and reverse others (pre-diabetes, weight gain, chronic plantar fasciitis and anxiety).

My household practices social distancing. My escape is pole walking. Daily. I walk up to 2 hours daily (burn up to 700 calories) and use this time for virtual "walk & talk" meetings and listening to podcasts. I am finally able to fit into my jeans from my pre-USA move (almost 6 years) and lost 10 pounds.

So why am I sharing this with you?

I love...

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Questions companies ask before saying YES to BSWA

Uncategorized May 20, 2020

Companies who get the MOST out of my program are usually the ones who ask the most questions.

My response: bring them on!

Because at the end of the day, I only want you to join Byte-Size Wellness Academy if:

1) Your company is committed to helping employees maintain healthy habits and stay healthy and fit from home during COVID-19.

2) You want to start planning NOW and build a vision of a healthy workplace culture that will keep employees engaged and revitalized when they return to work.

So without further ado, here are the most common questions about BSWA:

1. There is so much free content out there. What makes BSWA different?

Fabulous! That means that people are hungry for wellness-related information.

Here's the thing about free content: it creates a lot of confusion and overwhelm.

So what makes BSWA different?

  • It reduces information overwhelm. BSWA cuts through the information clutter and provides clarity and evidence-based direction. No more...
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Cabin fever? Zoomed out? Take a walk - with poles

Uncategorized May 13, 2020

You're stuck at home. Gyms and yoga studios are shut down. Schools and colleges are closed and your kids are at home too. Indefinitely.

In times of uncertainty, I know it's easy to get overwhelmed. Your daily routine is disrupted. It's easier to just stay in your pajamas or wear sweatpants all day than to get dressed.

If you're a Seinfeld fan, remember the Seinfeld sweatpants episode? The message George told the world with his sweatpants is "I give up. I can't compete in normal society. I'm miserable so I might as well be comfortable."

I want to give you a different perspective. Maintaining both physical and mental health is vital, now more than ever. The time saved from not commuting to work means more time to spend on self-care and well-being. So put your yoga / workout pants on and keep moving forward.

Get outside and walk. But... why not take walking to a whole new level by adding specially designed poles?

Walking is one of the activities that health authorities and...

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Why many employee wellness programs fail (but why your's won't)

Uncategorized May 12, 2020

If you recall from my workshop last week (May 2020) (you can catch the replay here), I talked about the 5 reasons why employee wellness programs don’t work because:

  • Wellness is narrowly focused (on physical health).
  • Wellness programs are delivered as one-size-fits-all activities.
  • Companies value employees managing time over managing energy.
  • Wellness programs are exclusively focused on using external rewards to motivate employees.
  • There is a "can't do" mindset and culture about taking lunch breaks and restorative micro-breaks throughout the day.

But it's actually more simple (and fixable) than that...

A big reason why programs fail is because many companies treat workplace wellness as an EVENT.

    • Biometric screening. Check.
    • An annual step or weight loss challenge. Check.
    • An annual health fair. Check.
    • A lunch & learn. Check.

This is what I call being addicted to the status quo.

Companies masquerade occasional programs as comprehensive employee wellness...

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Freebie for you: COVID-19 Self-Care Survival Kit

Uncategorized May 06, 2020

Coronavirus is invisible but we all feel its presence. We're living in a time of great uncertainty where working from home and searching for different ways to exercise, prepare meals, and maintain daily habits is challenging.

Staying home gives you the gift of time. There is no better time than now to take your health in your hands to boost immunity and vitality so that you come back stronger and fitter post-COVID-19.

Here's my gift to you: a COVID-19 Self-Care Survival Kit to help you eat, sleep, move and breathe your way to wellness.

If you're feeling cooped up inside the house or need a change form your repertoire of on-demand or web-streamed fitness and yoga classes, you're going to love the special section on pole walking inside the Kit.

CLICK HERE to learn about my pole walking and total wellness workout packages.

If you're interested in joining me as a founding member (monthly membership fees will be granted and maintained at the...

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The dangers of sleep trackers

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2020

Last week I listened to NPR while driving yesterday and learned about this new type of insomnia for the digital age: orthosomnia.

Step trackers. Calorie trackers. Now sleep gadgets and trackers to help us fall asleep and track the quality and quantity of our sleep. The irony about being fixated on achieving the "perfect" sleep or improving sleep scores is that we're literally losing sleep over it!

I'm by no means an orthosomniac. Admitedly, I've had sleep challenges for many years, since starting grad school: insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and sleep apnea. Sleep hygiene has become an integral part of my self-care practice. Here are my sleep solutions, which I now adhere to nightly:

  • Blue light blocking glasses (I wear while working at my computer or watching TV at night)
  • Wireless charger station - outside my bedroom (on another floor of my house)
  • Apple HomePod - in the bedroom - as my alarm (Siri wakes me up in the morning)
  • Weighted blanket (I love my blanket!)
  • CPAP machine...
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